The value of FVPM

As operating costs spiral, bunker prices continue to surge and environmental regulations come into force, it is more important than ever that ship owners and operators to reduce their energy costs.

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Vessel Performance

BMT offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to support ship owners, operators and charterers to reduce their fuel costs and improve the efficiency of their fleet. 

In order to implement and manage improvements, customers must first measure the existing performance levels. That is why a growing number of ship owners and operators are utilising high resolution performance data to streamline their fleet operations.

Our SMART range of products provides sophisticated data collection, data display and data analysis services to support optimal decision-making. This allows ship owners and operators to better manage the performance of their fleet of vessels. Our services cover the four key steps to successful performance management: Measure, Manage, Analyse, Action.

Measure: Using our onboard data collection system (SMART VESSEL), all the necessary parameters to monitor performance from bulk carriers to LNG carriers can be collected and aggregated to small enough data files to be sent ashore.

Manage: Using our cloud based storage solution, your data is held safely and securely so that it can be accessed any time through our online web application.

Analyse: Our web based performance monitoring application can be accessed from any browser and has a mobile optimised version to use on the go, allowing quick and easy access to your shipping data at all times. 

Action: Automated reports deliver critical information to your inbox to support key decision making, allowing owners, operators and charterers to make the right decisions.  

The quality of our services and to our commitment to continual improvement are reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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