BMT's navigation training platform earns DNV Class A approval and Statement of Compliance

BMT’s expanded multi-bridge UK facilities secure DNV Class A approval and marks a milestone for ‘Version 7’ of BMT REMBRANDT navigational software.

23 October 2023

Key Press Release Highlights

  • BMT's attainment of a further ‘Statement of Compliance’ and individual DNV Class A product certificates for all five of its latest bridge simulators, including two fully enclosed 360-degree bridges, marks a pivotal moment. This milestone provides a platform for BMT to expand its training services, both in the UK and internationally.
  • In addition to the new hardware, BMT’s newly launched ‘Version 7’ of BMT REMBRANDT software has received DNV Class A accreditation. Attributes in the latest release includes innovative functionality to process and display next generation S-100 dynamic environmental data, enabling step changes in realism and situational awareness. Virtual Reality (VR) and voice control functionality have also been introduced. 
  • BMT is currently deploying it’s five integrated bridges for the benefit of a wide range of commercial and military stakeholders, including the UK MoD with UK Admiralty Pilot and Tug Master training. It is also supporting synthetic testing and navigation assurance of new autonomous craft.

In a significant development, BMT, a leading developer of DNV-certified maritime simulators, is proud to announce that its navigational and tug simulators have received a further ‘Statement of Compliance’ from DNV. This achievement positions BMT's flagship navigation simulation technology as one of Europe’s select few multi-bridge, fully-certified Class A simulator facilities.  

Dr. Phil Thompson, BMT, emphasised the importance of obtaining approvals to the highest standards.

He commented: “This achievement aligns with customer and industry demands for the highest fidelity training tools that also comply with new and emerging hydrodynamic modelling and hydraulic data standards. The expanded certifications offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling customers to configure all types of simulator setups precisely to their needs - ranging from desktop and laptop systems all the way up to DNV Class A Full Mission Bridge Simulators - with the added capability for easy upgrades or expansions as requirements change. 

Further, these certifications give a significant ‘rock-solid platform’ for pushing on with our customers and industry partners to accelerate smarter ship operations and pilotage, and compliance with the industry's highest ‘gold’ standards for navigation simulation.” 

BMT's dedication to delivering cutting-edge training solutions and its commitment to excellence continue to set new industry standards.

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