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With a defence heritage that stretches from WWII to the ground-breaking design for the new UK aircraft carrier, we operate globally, delivering complex digital, engineering and strategy consulting.

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Threats and economics typically drive defence markets.  Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the global defence sector has played an important and prominent role.  While navigating a disruptive geopolitical landscape, governments face the significant challenge of an extended period of constrained finance alongside public support for increased spending in other sectors.

Three opportunities we see for the sector

  • Defence spending is an efficient means of economic stimulus that generates high-skilled jobs across regions and results in high-value exports and technological innovation.
  • Economic constraints, the realities of social distancing, and lessons of unexpected, ad-hoc partnerships mean that now is the perfect time to reassess conventional wisdom for design and working operations.
  • A high threat environment and defence's role in supporting highly skilled jobs and high-value exports may restrict budget cuts and is unlikely to reduce a government's drive for efficiency.

We fuse technical expertise and proud history of close association with defence organisations in Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia to bring a deep understanding of defence challenges and their solutions.  

We deliver defence design and engineering services for Sea, Land, ISTAR and Air to get platforms into service, keep them safe for use and keep them capable and operational over many years.  We provide innovative and technically advanced solutions that maximise operating capability.  


Our heritage : naval platforms

We undertake the complete design and assurance of new naval platforms and introduce, execute and manage design changes to existing in-service naval vessels.  We are leaders in the independent maritime design and through-life support in Europe and North America and undertake significant surface ship defence projects in Australia and Southeast Asia.

We pride ourselves on executing requirements both within budget and on time.  We’re acclaimed for our depth of experience, broad technical expertise, long-term partnership management, impartial advice, and reliability.

Our in-depth knowledge of the defence environment enables us to apply cutting-edge thinking and technology solutions to complex defence projects.  Not being directly involved in manufacturing or construction gives us an independent view across all activities.  

Concept design to bespoke solution

Platform designs


We’re recognised as the world’s leading independent submarine specialists. Our highly qualified and experienced submarine designers and engineers support the complete life cycle of conventional and nuclear submarines from concept designs to safe disposal.

Our specialist design and engineering expertise help you make critical decisions about new submarines as early as possible in the procurement programme, ensuring that plans are suitable for construction within the available technology and budget.

We procure innovative and effective submarines that operate safely at sea throughout their working lives. We’ve provided extensive submarine design and engineering expertise to national defence agencies and significant contractors worldwide, including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and South Korea.

Life Extension and disposal

Shrinking budgets mean that many naval authorities are challenged to keep older submarine fleets in operation beyond the period for which they were initially designed. Our thorough knowledge of submarine lifecycles means that we can assess how to extend their lives in the process and help decommission and dispose of them safely when required.

Our collaborations

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