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Angelo Caspanni appointed as Technical Consultant in Marine Incident Investigations

26 June 2024

As a global leader in marine surveying, cargo, incident investigation and technical consultancy, we're pleased to announce the appointment of Angelo Caspanni as Technical Marine Consultant, focusing on the marine surveys market in The Netherlands and globally.

This appointment underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive and flexible services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Angelo’s expertise enhances the ability to provide specialised and thorough marine consulting and technical services under the leadership of Dennis de Bruin.

Angelo holds a bachelor’s degree from Rotterdam Hogeschool, University of Applied Sciences, in both deck management and marine engineering. With seven years of experience at leading engineering firms and recent roles as a Technical Superintendent, Angelo brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise to BMT. His skills in technical report writing and engineering solutions align perfectly with our high standards of quality and service.

Dennis de Bruin, Managing Director for BMT’s Commercial Shipping Europe, expressed his enthusiasm about Angelo’s appointment, stating:

“We are thrilled to welcome Angelo to our team. His experience, and on shore, makes him an asset for serving our local and international clients. Angelo's appointment also aligns with BMT's commitment to addressing the maritime industry’s talent challenges, ensuring we are well-equipped for the digital age and future demands.”

Commenting on the maritime industry's evolving landscape, de Bruin added:

“We are excited to have Angelo join us at a time when the industry is focusing on smart technologies, green shipping, and autonomous vessels. His appointment, along with Jan Caers joining our Marine Surveys team in December, lends to strengthening our international consultancy network and multidisciplinary expertise.”

Angelo is eager to engage with clients across The Netherlands and global markets, aiming to enhance our growing capabilities in cargo and technical services. His focus will be on delivering improved support and advice, fostering a highly-specialist consulting environment that addresses technical solutions and transformation strategies.

This appointment supports de Bruin’s strategy for growth in the Marine Surveying and Technical Services market, reinforcing our presence in the rapidly developing maritime sector of The Netherlands, the wider Benelux region, and beyond.

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