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BMT SPARO: World-first autonomous air-ground payload transfer device

An innovation project to revolutionise air logistics in challenging environments

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James Campbell

Innovation Lead

Bath, United Kingdom


BMT SPARO introduction

We present the latest in disruptive technology for aerial logistics with BMT SPARO; a lightweight suspended robot that descends from an aircraft on a long weight-bearing line to collect and deliver payloads. Instead of a large, noisy, hazardous aircraft having to land or hover close to the ground at remote, challenging locations, our new approach allows the aircraft to remain clear at heights up to 400ft(+) agl while the device takes responsibility for the final journey of the payload to ground level. Uniquely, BMT SPARO uses an internal winch to control its own height so it doesn’t require down-facing propellers to generate lift. This approach also concentrates system weight at the bottom end of the line to improve stability in wind and co-locates sensors and actuators for improved response and precision. This offers step-change improvements in capability, safety and through-life costs.

Along with our technical partner, Wright Airborne Computing, we initially developed the concept for defence applications. It was selected by the UK Ministry of Defence for the highly competitive annual flagship innovation event; the ”Army Warfighting Experiment 22”. The world-first demonstration took place in HM Naval Base Portsmouth, UK, in November 2022 attracting the following feedback:

“…it will provide a capability unlike anything else known to defence. It would enable the use of UAS to deliver payloads in the most challenging terrain, reducing risk to both the airframe, the payload and personnel on the ground."

Beyond Defence, BMT SPARO offers a fundamentally new option for air mobility and logistics, with applications across e-commerce, commercial maritime, engineering, Emergency Services and Search and Rescue.  Recently granted a patent by the U.K. Intellectual Property Office, we are seeking a wide range of commercial partners to explore global applications further.

Watch BMT SPARO in action for defence use

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Why partner with BMT

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Benefits of BMT SPARO

Step change in capability

Payload delivery or collection is faster, more survivable, less obtrusive, and more precise in all weathers.

Improved safety

Reduced risk to the aircraft, reduced risk to ground infrastructure, and reduced risk for receiving personnel.

Reduced through-life costs

Lower training burden for UAS operators and receiving personnel, and reduced costs to replace or repair damaged aircraft.