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Multi-platform, next generation navigation simulator suite

Our suite of industry-leading navigational simulators include DnV Class A Full Mission Bridges; DnV Class A dedicated 360 tug/OSV simulators, mini-bridge and desktop/laptop platforms.

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Phil Thompson

Regional Managing Director

Fareham, United Kingdom

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Our in-house systems are supplied to customers internationally, helping users safely plan, train and prepare for complex manoeuvres at sea, in ports or other restricted waters. Applications include port feasibility, access and berthing evaluation studies. We also support pilotage and tug master training requirements, ship-to-ship transfer assessments, onboard training, and incident reconstruction investigation. The BMT REMBRANDT systems are both S-57 and next generation S-100 data-enabled, providing the highest levels of dynamic and granular hydraulic environment data, all fused within our navigation synthetic modelling environment.

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Our simulations capability

We perform world-leading marine pilot training, maritime accident investigation and maritime simulation studies for port development and complex navigation assessments. Our DnV Class A; B, C and Class S certified ship simulators combine with 360 degree immersive 3D visuals.

We tailor-make models for our BMT REMBRANDT simulators based on the specific characteristics or class of ship. 

REMBRANDT Tug Simulator 5
REMBRANDT Tug Simulator 7

BMT REMBRANDT is the benchmark simulator for fluid dynamics accuracy and provides a realistic experience of larger vessels to support safe operating procedures.  We continue to lead the market from design and evaluation studies to marine incident investigation and bespoke training for maritime professionals.

The simulators, which contain many of the features of modern integrated bridge systems, can be equipped with additional modules featuring spatially variable currents, anchors, mooring lines, tugs and vessels in 3D.

Firstly, we prepare a mathematical model validated based on sea trials, the results of model tests and information from our extensive ship manoeuvring database.  Next, the ship model is evaluated by someone familiar with the vessel's handling, such as a master or pilot.

REMBRANDT dual bridge screens

Ship types

Our mission bridge simulator complex is fully equipped to provide exceptional marine consultancy and detailed incident investigations for litigation and bespoke training courses designed to meet the needs of your maritime professionals.

Ship types included in the simulator are:

  • Bulk Carrier
  • Container ships
  • Cruise ships
  • FPSO
  • Gas Carriers (LNG/LPG)
  • Naval ships
  • Passenger Ships & Megayachts
  • Ro/Ro & General Cargo (HLS)
  • Tankers (Chemicals/Oil)
  • Tugs & Pilot Boats

Each ship model is fully validated.  We aim to ensure that the performance of every ship model is indistinguishable from that of the actual ship.


A scalable and portable system providing cost effective solutions for your project

Integrated full mission bridge, 360 degree tug and OSV simulator platforms

Fully DnV accredited range of simulators

Automatically reads VDR and AIS to deliver a high fidelity, 3-D reconstruction and playback

Rapid port construction modelling using LIDAR technology

Next generation S-100 ENC platform enable precision e-navigation for cruise ships

Advanced 5-bridge training platform

We offer a full-bridge mission simulator alongside a further four dedicated 360deg tug simulators, fully networked and linked in an immersive system ideal for ship officer and marine pilotage training. The simulators can be configured with conventional, azipod and custom-built control consoles to provide a real-life immersive simulation experience.

Many national statutory agencies rely on BMT REMBRANDT.

  • The Australian Transport Safety Bureau
  • The Dutch Safety Board
  • Taiwan Transport Bureau
  • The UK's Marine Accident Investigation Branch
  • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Future Bridge Simulator Room

Scalable range of ship simulators

BMT’s suite of BMT REMBRANDT systems range from DnV Class A and Class S accredited full mission bridge simulators through to highly portable laptop platforms. The latter enable clients’ full flexibility for onboard and mobile tools for complex real-time manoeuvring assessments and training.  


marine navigation simulator desktop software

Key features

Certified and approved simulator systems

BMT REMBRANDT is an approved navigation maritime simulator under DNV Class A (full mission), B (multi-task), C (limited task) and S (special task). It is also approved to BAW (Bundesanstalt fur Wasserbau, on behalf of the Federal Waterways and Shipping.


The configurable controls allow for various maritime conditions to simulate realistic environments.  These include reduced visibility, day and night settings, wind and current shielding, swell and complex current flows.

The software supports S57 and S63 ENCs charts and generates topography and bathymetric visuals.  The system is also AIS-enabled, allowing real-time displays of live traffic as part of a vessel simulation.

The system is scalable and operates on various platforms, from laptops to complete mission bridge hardware configuration.  BMT REMBRANDT also integrates with radar, ECDIS and GMDSS modules for a complete marine simulation.

3D Modelling

The system includes an extensive database of 'six-degrees of freedom' models for ships, floating oil and gas platforms and smaller craft. They also have actual life ship handling events such as squat, bank effects and ship-ship interaction. All our models are calibrated using sea trial data and pilot cards.