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Best of BMT - Keeping the Power on the Grid

23-metre Crew Transfer Vessel for Offshore Windfarms

4 December 2019

Best of BMT - Keeping the Power on the Grid

Offshore windfarms play a vital part in satisfying the world’s ever-growing demands for energy and do so in an environmentally friendly way that significantly impacts the global economy.

But maintaining these windfarms is not without its challenges and in order to adequately service the ever-increasing numbers of offshore turbines, the number and complexity of vessels used to transfer maintenance crews onto the turbines quickly and safely in difficult conditions has never been more important.

Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) are therefore a vital link and after a year in construction for our customer Njord Offshore, we’re proud to have delivered our first ever mid-range CTV. Built at Cheoy Lee Shipyard in China, the new 23m vessel has a refined hull based on data from our many existing 26m and 21m vessels that are currently operating with great success across Europe and Asia.

The innovative design incorporates a full-width superstructure to maximise accommodation space for the maintenance technicians and provide substantially more protected storage space for expensive electrical spare parts.

It also incorporates Njord’s exclusive ‘next generation’ wheelhouse geometry which uses a full-height, forward-facing window to provide maximum visibility for safe operations in even the most challenging conditions.

The vessel was completed in August this year and safely delivered from China to its new home in Europe where the offshore energy market continues to flourish. We’re proud to have helped it grow by delivering a truly innovative technical solution that will help keep the power on the grid.



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