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Upskilling of marine pilots and navigators

Advanced 5-bridge training platform for tug, offshore and ship pilotage with precision ship hydrodynamic and port hydraulic engines

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Phil Thompson

Regional Managing Director

Phil Thompson

Regional Managing Director

Fareham, United Kingdom

Phil Thompson +44 (0)1489 889 260 coastal@bmtglobal.com

Ottawa, Canada

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada

+1 613 592 2830 ship-design@bmtglobal.com
  • Are you seeking a cutting-edge solution for your STCW training?​
  • Are your pilots and captains entering smaller and smaller terminals with ever-larger vessels?​
  • Do you need to train your captains to mitigate overload on pilot vessels with large vessels in narrow channels?

Meeting international standards for maritime training, BMT REMBRANDT can play a crucial role in the initial training of new entry pilots, continued professional development for experienced pilots and ship handling manoeuvring training for ship officers.

Cargo Grounding In Narrow Channel

Enhancing safe and efficient navigation operations at sea, in restricted waterways and in ports, are the primary concerns of our customers. Our state-of-the-art navigation training facility in the UK, supports pilotage, tug master and towage teams with synthetic training environments, enabling challenging manoeuvring and berthing strategies to be recreated. The software platform supports high-fidelity IHO S-100 hydraulic modelling, featuring granular and dynamic 2D/3D currents and water levels.

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“This is an important facility delivering the best in maritime education and training for the commercial maritime and naval pilotage sectors. We are able to offer specialist and highly-adaptable training for a broad range of customers, including our industry’s key ship and port operators, tug masters and pilots from the UK and overseas. Our leading simulation experts can address and configure a range of mission-based training scenarios that offer the highest degree of granularity and realism.”

Sarah Kenny, OBE, Chief Executive at BMT

Your people, our solution

Ship officer training

BMT REMBRANDT offers the industry standard for initial training, continued professional development or advanced ship handling for ship officers.

We offer bespoke ship handling manoeuvring training for ships officers. Course scenarios include mooring operations associated with berthing alongside an FLNG platform or FPSO in various conditions likely to be encountered in the actual operating environment.

In day-to-day operations, BMT REMBRANDT can support passage planning.

Training for marine pilots

Our simulator centre can help marine pilots meet the training requirements of IMO Resolution A960 and maintain high standards of professional competency.   Regular use of the simulation software can improve and enhance pilotage skills in vessel safety and navigational aptitude in various scenarios.

A trainee pilot can experience multiple environmental scenarios and weather conditions in a safe and controlled setting through the virtual environment.  Training with simulation software helps marine pilots plan the course of the vessel considering tides, weather, size, weight, tug requirements, and other characteristics.

Training delivery options

Training delivered by BMT

Formalised training on a full mission bridge simulator

We can provide a wide range of bespoke training courses specifically tailored to the needs of marine professionals.

Our bridge simulator facility is fully equipped to DNV Class A (navigation) standards and can be used to deliver IMO and STCW standard courses.

We combine our extensive experience delivering high-quality simulations of ports, shipping, and off-shore facilities with our in-house training services to provide bespoke courses that offer your intended learning objectives and trainee assessments.


Software licenses for local use

BMT REMBRANDT maritime simulator software on a local computer.

We can install the BMT REMBRANDT simulation software on-board your vessels or your local laptops and PCs. Pilots and navigators can enhance their passage plans, or for hazardous scenarios, masters and senior officers can simulate port approaches and manoeuvre before port arrival.


We are market leaders because of the granular accuracy of our simulations.

We help improve knowledge of global waterways, including depth, currents, and hazards for a new generation of passenger and commercial vessels.

We offer:

  • Initial training for new entry pilots
  • Targeted training for experienced navigators
  • Familiarisation with new ship types
  • Training on emergency scenarios and manoeuvres
  • Exploring mooring manoeuvres in congested terminals
  • Radar/blind pilotage exercises
REMBRANDT bridge simulator