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We provide a comprehensive service of advice, consultancy and surveys to customers in specific sub-industries of the varied international maritime industry.

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We work with charterers, shipowners, stevedores P&I clubs, Hull & Machinery, underwriters, insurance companies, port operators and other organisations directly related to the global supply chain and marine related sectors.

We provide marine consulting and surveying services to the international insurance industry, as well as to customers operating in and around the shipping world. We are commited to offering solutions based on highly technical skills, independency, fast response and a confidence-based relationship. We have 24/7 capability for a prompt response whenever, and wherever, our services are required.

BMT is working for, and with, the most important P&I clubs and
marine insurance and underwriting companies around the world.


ADVICE: Independence, objectivity and rigorous critical standards.

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CONSULTANCY: Solutions based on the high qualification of our technicians.

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INSPECTIONS: Professionals and experts in a wide range of surveys.

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Surveyor Training

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Join our maritime surveying experts on our specialised training courses, designed to support customers in their understanding of ports, ships, tankers and terminals.

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We regularly provide expert assessment on a wide range of surveys

Our survey specialisms

Hull & Machinery damages (damage assessment and failure investigation) 



General average

Cargo damages

Pre-entry condition surveys on behalf of P&I clubs & hull underwriters

Vessel lay-up and re-activation

Pre-purchase and valuation surveys (on behalf of potential shipowners or banks)

Loss of hire

On/off-hire and bunker survey

Draft survey and stability calculations

Towage plan calculation

Hold cleanliness and suitability surveys

Cargo and shipyard superintendency

Salvage and stowage

Lashing and securing

Ultrasonic testing of hatch covers by certified operators

Calibration of bunker flow meters


We offer advice in specialist areas

Expert advice

  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Assistance on repair accounts and negotiations
  • Vessel suitability
  • Towage


Our specialist services

  • Litigation support
  • Fire and explosion investigations
  • Underwater surveys
  • Analysis of fuel and cargoes
  • Analysis of fresh water and sewage.
  • Metallurgical tests, including fatigue and fracture analysis

Marine surveying by numbers


Our surveying business was established on this date.


Our global offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Singapore


Our dedicated and skilled marine surveyors


The number of affiliate surveyors in our global network


We manage in the region of 3,000 marine survey assignments each each.


Our offering is strenghtened with access to wider specialisms in naval architecture, metallurgy and ocean forecasting.

Offering 24/7 marine surveying

We have a dedicated team of marine surveyors, as well as a further network of 300+ affiliate surveyors situated across the world, helping customers with their assignments and technical inspections.

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Promoting professionalism

By being a Nautical Affiliate partner of The Nautical Institute we are making an important and highly visible commitment to improving safety within the maritime industry. The MARS reports provide our surveyors with insights that can support our customers and can also lead to avoiding actions in similar situations.

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The world's largest database on transportation of cargoes in the marine industry.



Our BMT REMBRANDT simulation software is the perfect solution for reducing risk and cost across the marine insurance value chain.  From highlighting the levels of deductibles to P&I clubs, reducing the potential of significant incidents for operators, improving port and terminal operations and generally delivering accurate insight to evolve loss prevention initiatives.

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