BMT provides engineering and scientific services and solutions to industry, commerce, policy makers, regulators and public sector operators.

Coastal Infrastructure

Successful port, harbour and terminal projects unlock every opportunity offered by the site, environment, design, construction and local economy.

Defense and Security

The sheer scale and complexity that characterize major defense and security programs presents a challenge to meeting the on time, on budget, to specification expectations of governments.


We understand the challenges faced by energy suppliers, we help unlock opportunities by offering insights and cost-efficient solutions.

Mining and Machinery

We help our customers unlock smarter ways to extract, process and handle commodities.

Shipping - Technical Services

As shipping, legislation and innovation collide, we create clarity from complexity.


The exploration and commercialisation of space comes with many technical and commercial challenges for organisations looking to manufacture, launch and operate assets as well as downstream applications that rely on them.

Specialised Ship Design

We have a diverse portfolio of high performance hull and vessel designs, types and lengths already proven and in the water.


We are the world’s leading independent marine consultancy and surveying company, offering a wide array of specialist services to support the international shipping industry as well as the insurance and legal sector.

Water and Environment

Regulators, owners, operators, developers, authorities, lawyers and insurers all face more complex questions and greater public scrutiny on environmental issues.