Concept design to bespoke solution

We can deliver ‘out of the box’ highly manoeuvrable mature designs that can be adapted for your specific needs.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada


Detailed and complex requirements make us excited about our work.  We can deliver a whole package solution across the vessel lifecycle, tailored to provide maximum added value.  Our services cover early concept design to a wide range of consultancy services with an established track record.

Our people enjoy engaging with you to understand your requirements, work practices, methods, and, most importantly, your aspirations.  We globally and collaboratively research, develop, and share our knowledge.  We have the experience to work with you at any project stage, from pre-contract to early concept design and naval architecture.

As the world’s largest independent naval design consultancy, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of design services for advanced and specialised vessels to meet exacting specifications. We are known for innovation but do not regard it as an end. Instead, we combine it with our long experience working for defence organisations to deliver practical, effective solutions.

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How we design

Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction and high-quality results.  We have a significant depth of experience across all hull form types of propulsion systems and structural materials. Expect us to know the answers to your curious questions.

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