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We believe that an organisation can only be number one in its market if everyone in it works together as one

As an Employee Benefit Trust it is in our culture to work to a common goal.

Our worldwide reputation for innovative thinking and engineering excellence is built by every individual and every company within our group. How we behave is just as important as what we do and BMT has a strong set of values that are the foundation for all our activities.

BMT expects its employees to embody these values every day and we provide the cultural environment and comprehensive training and development schemes to support them. We also have a strict Ethics Policy that sets clear guidelines for acting responsibly at work and complying with all relevant legislation.

We know that we have extremely talented people involved in fascinating work. This has been recognised externally by their industry peers. Our staff have won prestigious industry awards and BMT has previously been included in the UK 'Sunday Times 100 'Best Companies to Work For' list.

To embrace our engineering excellence, BMT created 'BMT Giveback', an initiative to develop the ideas of our staff to address problems that impact negatively on people's lives. Our first project saw a new sewerage system being introduced to a village in Gujarat, India.

Our values

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  • We keep our promises
  • We do everything with integrity
  • Our customers can always rely on us to perform and deliver as their trusted partner
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  • We combine knowledge and expertise to develop insights into tomorrow’s problems
  • We value the creativity, ingenuity and knowledge of everyone in our business
  • We are imaginative and agile in our thinking and adaptable in our delivery
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  • We’re passionate and proud of our work
  • We love the challenge of solving our customers’ most complex problems
  • Performance matters - we are passionate about delivering meaningful outcomes
  • We are passionate about engaging with and investing in the communities in which we operate
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  • We respect our customers, partners and colleagues, investing in building enduring relationships on which we depend.
  • We respect the environment in which we operate and seek to have a positive impact
  • We value diversity of thought and people
  • We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in our business
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  • Collaboration is at the heart of our business
  • We empower teams to achieve their potential, going further than any person could alone
  • We are driven to succeed and share that success with all our people