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MSV(L) design from BMT offers versatility for U.S army landing ships

The vessel is the first milestone in the construction of the US Army’s next-generation landing craft, the “Maneuver Support Vessel (Light)” or “MSV(L)”.

30 December 2019

BMT has been able to study the Army's unique needs and the available design options to fulfil their requirements. The design development improves the capabilities of the current LCM-8 and provides the optimal combination of performance, operational flexibility and life cycle costs whilst being both reliable and versatile.

BMT Specialised Ship Design Business Development Director, John Bonafoux said:

“The new 100-foot “MSV(L)” boats are designed to operate at extended ranges, moving personnel, materiel and modern Army equipment over the ranges necessary in a denied combat zone” 
"The Vigor/MSV(L) design for the US Army draws on BMT’s extensive landing craft design experience and can be defined by its significant speed improvement from previous landing craft vessels”.

The landing craft's tri bow monohull is an innovative yet deceptively simple design that provides superior performance in high sea states. It enables the landing craft to maximise seakeeping whilst providing speeds above 20 knots when laden. The exceptional seakeeping characteristics enhance crew comfort and reduce loading on vehicle payloads. With a raised centre jet, the design enables landing and extraction on low gradient beaches, and the vessel also has a draft fully laden of only 4ft.

The design has several key elements which enhance the "MSV(L)" capability; the flexibility to manoeuvre in many different environments, its ability to carry modern equipment into diverse littoral settings, up to and including the main battle tank, along with a range of 360+ nautical miles. Therefore, the "MSV(L)" will be a tremendous operational asset to the US Army's fleet.

The ceremony marks the start of construction at Vigor's Vancouver facility of the full-scale prototype. Construction will then move to production runs, with the total planned future fleet being up to 36 "MSV(L)".

Banner image credit "MSV(L) by Vigor/BMT.'

The BMT international team:  John Bonafoux - Business Development Director, Colin Cain - Technical Director, Jim Moran – Principal Naval Architect, Dan Ryan – Programme Manager, Ryan Turzewski - Shipyard Engineer.

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