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Our range of vessel designs is broad, and we possess vast experience in designing high-speed patrol vessels for government and security organisations. With speeds up to and beyond 50 knots, our proven strategies for patrol vessels and interceptors range from 10 to 80m.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada


Whether it is for a navy, coastguard or police organisation, the needs of the vessel operator are always at the centre of our thought process. Our designs combine high performance with excellent seakeeping and crew comfort.  Innovation is in our DNA; our team is always challenging vessel architecture to push the envelope for users and provide the essential advantage to fulfil missions in a fast-evolving and demanding military environment.

Our team is in close contact with technology providers to always use the latest materials and equipment to improve performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. We have experience designing vessels built out of steel, aluminium, and complex composites with yards worldwide. We provide high-quality technical information and support shipyards in building the ship as efficiently as possible.

Our innovative approach can help you win. We hold a strategic role during bid phases, helping you achieve the highest possible scores and winning contracts in very competitive environments.

Hull form development is one of our core activities because it is critical to a patrol vessel’s high level of performance over extended periods in difficult conditions. We carry out tank testing regularly to ensure all the parameters such as speed, range and seakeeping are just right.

Our core team of naval architects and engineers is vastly experienced with dozens of patrol vessel and interceptor projects. Our strength is in our ability to use the vast amount of information and knowledge of our different markets, twinned with our team’s technical expertise, to push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Interceptor Vessel Design High Speed Landing Craft Design

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