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Regulators, owners, operators, developers, authorities, lawyers and insurers all face more complex questions and greater public scrutiny on environmental issues.

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In this climate, we provide the quality of evidence and advice you need to make defensible decisions that satisfy debate, secure a social licence and ensure your project sustains momentum.

Shared standards: our staff have the professional qualifications, personal integrity and technical expertise that underpin good environmental outcomes and defensible decisions.

Experienced guides: each project is directed by a senior individual and draws on BMT’s knowledge across a wide range of geographies and sectors.

Better data: we collect and analyse data efficiently and cost-effectively, using it to fuel our environmental assessments, analyses, and proprietary modelling systems to deliver actionable insight. 

Clear communicators: we not only keep you fully informed on progress, we also understand and speak to the different agendas of your stakeholders. 

Reputational strength: our credibility within the industry and reputation with the regulators add weight to the submissions we make on behalf of operators and developers.

Preserving the Great Barrier Reef

Although the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most remarkable natural wonders, it faces significant challenges due to the effects of climate change. We all need to do our part in order to help make the Reef more resilient and to protect it for the benefit of future generations. The following video outlines just some of the activities we’re undertaking to help preserve this precious resource.


Climate Risk and Resilience

As more and more countries declare a climate emergency, the global race to net zero carbon emissions is essential. But equally governments and businesses must prepare for new climate extremes by understanding the risks at an appropriate scale, building local resilience and ultimately developing new adaptation pathways to climate change.

Regulatory, Compliance and Legal

Our work for, and reputation with, different regulators across the world means that we understand their drivers and can present information in a way which matches their priorities and ways of working.

Coastal Engineering and Management

Winds, waves and currents constantly shape our coastline, while human activities can also have a major impact. As engineers, scientists and planners, we help you identify issues and propose practical solutions.

Marine and Aquatic Environment Management

BMT’s team of aquatic scientists work across the continuum of offshore marine, coastal, rivers and wetland environments in both temperate and tropical climates. Our multidisciplinary team of aquatic scientists provide our clients an integrated in-house capacity for assessing ecological, water and sediment quality issues in marine and aquatic environments.

Flood Hazard and Risk Management

The safe management of floodwaters is crucial and we are pioneers in this field, with our in-house software tool TUFLOW now established as a world-leading numerical model.

Water management

We have a long history of helping customers protect environmental water quality and manage the urban water cycle.

Remediation and contamination

Our scientists and engineers have the expertise and experience to solve your environmental and hazardous waste challenges through innovative and cost-effective remedies.

Field data collection and laboratory services

Our customers make important decisions based on our data, so we are committed to making sure that it is as extensive and accurate as possible.

Software solutions

BMT develops and uses a range of numerical models to help establish best outcomes and solutions for our clients.

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