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BMT awarded flood defence package for Essex County Council

BMT has been awarded a project by Essex County Council (ECC) in the UK to assist with the development of flood alleviation measures from surface water flooding within three Critical Drainage Areas (CDA) identified by BMT within the County.

7 June 2021

Using the advanced modelling functionality from BMT’s proprietary TUFLOW technology, BMT will provide critical information to support flood alleviation measures for each impacted area within Essex. This will include appraisal, hydraulic modelling of preferred mitigation, economic assessment of the desired relief and a Partnership Funding Calculator (PFC) to assess the FDGiA funding potential associated with each area.

Assessing surface water flood risk from high-intensity rainfall on CDA’s are a sustainability priority for Lead Local Flood Authorities such as Essex County Council for mitigation and planning. BMT has worked closely with Essex County Council in the past to model these areas and is now reviewing those models to determine what optional measures will work to alleviate flooding and reduce environmental risk whilst assessing their economic feasibility.

Stephen Henry, Senior Engineer at BMT, comments:

“Previous modelling undertaken by BMT looked at the current situation and identified areas at risk, now we are looking at flood alleviation and defences through the design of mitigation measures. With advances in technology and methodology we can update existing models, at a faster pace and greater accuracy to ensure they are up to best practice and standard. Our proprietary TUFLOW software has evolved to offer more advanced features such as Quadtree meshing and Sub-Grid sampling which allows for more rapid and accurate results.”

BMT’s environmental consultancy business has invested in developing long term relationships with its customers and has a long history of collaboration and partnering with Essex County Council on sustainability issues and flood modelling work.

By working closely with local government customers and authorities on long-term projects BMT is able to assist in building resilience into their urban environments to mitigate risk and exposure. BMT uses bespoke and proprietary software technology to accurately map out current and future hazards across key climate issues such as flooding and advise on further actions. BMT goes beyond simply assessing the physical risks to cross-boundary work and develops sustainable flood resilience solutions.

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