Remediation and Contamination

Environmental protection

Our scientists and engineers have the expertise and experience to solve your environmental and hazardous waste challenges through innovative and cost-effective remedies.

From assessment to clean up and reuse, we design and deliver complete environmental solutions for the restoration of contaminated property.

Site Assessment and Characterisation

We can help you in every aspect of site assessment under all relevant regulations and guidelines. We work with you to identify and evaluate the safest and most cost-effective solution to suit your site-specific conditions. We put our experience across different industries to work on your behalf, with our range of innovative services, which enable efficient and cost-effective collection of subsurface samples.

Remediation and Site Restoration

Our experience and credibility with regulators means that we can support your case, negotiate clean-up goals appropriate to future reuse, then plan and implement remedies in the field. Solving hazardous waste challenges begins with a technical understanding of geology and hydrology, contaminant migration processes, and assessment methods. Here we have extensive experience and can safely and cost-effectively meet the needs of different industries and sectors.

Landfill Vegetative Cap

Using vegetation to cap landfill sites can reduce both costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Our experience helping  to reduce emissions, groundwater contamination, leachate production and other challenges means that we can support you at every stage of the process, from assessment and design to implementation and ongoing monitoring. We will help you efficiently and cost-effectively solve the unique problems presented by your site, using sustainable resources to do so.

Remedial Investigation (RI)

We are experienced in completing remedial investigations at complex sites such as old landfills, groundwater contamination sites, hazardous waste disposal sites and radiological and medical waste sites.

Investigations include demographic studies, hydrogeologic studies and groundwater modelling, contaminant fate and transport assessments, and many other elements.

Mining & Bulk Handling

Simulation studies

We help you tackle complex geological problems by computational simulation of geological scenarios.

We offer science and engineering services with core competencies and experience in site assessment and investigation, human health and ecological risk assessments, feasibility studies to identify remediation options, remediation of contaminated property and regulatory compliance.

We can reduce costs, accelerate program progress, and meet performance goals.

Environmental engineers taking samples from a lake

Groundwater contamination

We use a range of groundwater models to support assessments for contaminated land remediation projects.

These models simulate changes to groundwater levels and quality from both point and diffuse pollutant sources.

Groundwater contamination image of petrol in a riverbed