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With a defence heritage that stretches from WWII to the ground-breaking design for the new UK aircraft carrier, we operate globally, delivering complex digital, engineering and strategy consulting.

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Phil Dana - Defence

Regional Business Development Director - Americas

Ottawa, Canada

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We fuse technical expertise and proud history of close association with defence organisations in Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia to bring a deep understanding of defence challenges and their solutions.

We deliver defence design and engineering services for Sea, Land, ISTAR and Air to bring platforms into service, keep them safe for use and keep them capable and operational over many years.

We provide innovative and technically advanced solutions to support and adapt military platforms throughout their lifetime to maximise operating capability.

Surface ships

We undertake the complete design and assurance of new naval platforms and introduce, execute and manage design changes to existing in-service naval vessels.

We are leaders in independent naval design and through-life support in Europe and North America and undertake significant surface ship defence projects in Australia and Southeast Asia.

We pride ourselves on executing requirements both within budget and on time. We’re acclaimed for our depth of experience, broad technical expertise, long-term partnership management, impartial advice, and reliability.

Platform designs


We’re recognised as the world’s leading independent submarine specialists. Our highly qualified and experienced submarine designers and engineers support the complete life cycle of conventional and nuclear submarines from concept designs to safe disposal.

Our specialist design and engineering expertise help you make critical decisions about new submarines as early as possible in the procurement programme, ensuring that plans are suitable for construction within the available technology and budget.

We procure innovative and effective submarines that operate safely at sea throughout their working lives. We’ve provided extensive submarine design and engineering expertise to national defence agencies and significant contractors worldwide, including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and South Korea.

Life Extension and disposal

Shrinking budgets mean that many naval authorities are challenged to keep older submarine fleets in operation beyond the period for which they were initially designed. Our thorough knowledge of submarine lifecycles means that we can assess how to extend their lives in the process and help decommission and dispose of them safely when required.

Our sectors

Police and security

We define, architect, build and support leading-edge digital, data, and technology solutions and shape, deliver, optimise, and assure complex change programmes.

We have extensive experience delivering technology-enabled change, building capability, and solving difficult problems in mission-critical environments, including police services and national crime agencies.

Working throughout portfolios of change, we help you overcome complex design, engineering, and programme challenges and transform to deliver practical outcomes that keep our citizens safe and our country secure.

Support solutions

Acquisition Support

We work closely with you to help identify life cycle risks early across the project and implement mitigation actions to reduce their effects. We carry out comprehensive requirements engineering, acceptance planning and management to support transparent, concise, and quick decisions.

Beyond the platform or asset, we provide advice on wider considerations such as infrastructure, personnel, training and organisation. This broader view helps you to identify longer-term risk and impacts and work to mitigate or minimise them during the acquisition process.

  • Describing the function and performance requirements in a way that's suitable for competitive tendering.
  • Assessing the alternative options that are available in the market, to evaluate how closely each meets your requirements.
  • Performing cost-benefit analysis for different aspects of an asset’s capability.
  • Defining the evaluation criteria for competitive tenders and improving your team's capacity to carry out the evaluation.
  • Determining the technical compliance and risk of competing tenders.
  • Independently assessing the maturity of a developing design at key points in the programme.
  • Developing the approach to test, evaluation and acceptance of the asset.
  • Planning the transition from old to new assets.
  • Assessing the feasibility of upgrading the capability of new and in-service capabilities.
  • Generating in-service support cycles.

In-service Support

Significant government agencies worldwide trust us for our technical, design and engineering skills and our support for all aspects of platform design, upgrade, and life extension.

We understand that bringing a platform into service is not the only primary task - the real challenges and expenses lie in keeping it safe and effective throughout its working life. That’s why our naval architects bring substantial experience to bear in updating and maintaining platforms for their current roles or adapting and evolving them to suit different functions.

We also understand and manage the environmental and engineering challenges of the retirement and disposal process. Our depth and experience in design support, engineering and technical expertise provide a centre of excellence to support Naval Material Assurance (NMA) and Ship Design and Acquisition Support (SDAS) of government fleets.

Providing expert and comprehensive technology assessments, including product and market surveys, we help you make informed decisions to maximise functionality and budget while minimising technical and integration risks.

Climate resilience

We can help your organisation to prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change

BMT innovation

Concept Design

Thanks to our proven design expertise, our commitment to research and design and our deep understanding of your requirements, we’re leaders in concept designs that focus on innovation and the application of new technologies.


Our COHORT concept design helps governments establish effective and enforceable Exclusive Economic Zones. It provides a versatile and efficient platform for multiple roles, including fishery management, safe navigation and transit, and the protection of the environment.

Our collaborations

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The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is the world’s oldest and the UK’s leading defence and security think tank. 

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ADS Group Limited, informally known as ADS, is the trade organisation representing the UK's aerospace, defence, security, and space industries.

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The Australian Industry & Defence Network Inc. is the industry association for small and medium enterprises doing business in the defence and security sectors in Australia and abroad.

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Platform Design and Support


Defence Guidance and Improvement