Empowering the Next Generation: BMT’s Support for Team ORCA-207 at the SUBS in Schools Challenge

We proudly sponsored Wilderness School's Team ORCA-207 for the SUBS in Schools Challenge, an initiative spearheaded by the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation.

27 February 2024


In an era where innovation and technological advancement are paramount, the importance of nurturing future talent in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields cannot be overstated. It is with this vision in mind that we proudly sponsored Wilderness School's Team ORCA-207 for the SUBS in Schools Challenge, an initiative spearheaded by the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation. This program is a beacon of practical learning, offering students an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the intricacies of submarine design and engineering.

The challenge presented to the team was not merely academic; it was a journey of real-world application, demanding creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of complex engineering principles. The Wilderness School team, comprising a group of inspired students from Adelaide, embarked on this venture with enthusiasm and determination, reflecting the very essence of innovation that BMT stands for.

Our commitment to fostering young talent was manifested through our mentorship of Team ORCA-207. BMT's experienced professionals, including distinguished submariners and engineers, provided invaluable insights into the nuances of submarine design.

"During this mentoring session, the girls learned extremely valuable information to help their team succeed in the upcoming competition, some of which shifted their thinking into ideas and designs they had not considered," Liam Sloan, Head of Technology & Enterprise, Wilderness School. “This guidance was pivotal, not just for the competition, but as a foundation to build upon in their future careers.”

The dedication and hard work of Team ORCA-207 culminated in a commendable fourth-place finish. While they may not have advanced to the National competition, their performance was exemplary of their organised approach and innovative thinking. Their efforts in branding, marketing, and industry collaboration earned them some of the highest scores within their division, showcasing their comprehensive understanding and application of the challenge's demands.

Wilderness School's Team ORCA-207 for the SUBS in Schools Challenge
“We are truly grateful for BMT’s mentorship and support, our discussions covered a range of different departments from human life on submarines, what it’s like to be in the navy and live in a submarine, how they are designed, the physics and engineering behind submarines and even were given the opportunity to build one of our own virtually. As the team engineer, the discussions with the BMT team sparked an interest for me in engineering and influenced my career aspirations to go down the path of engineering, design, and architecture, with a focus towards submarines. The diverse experiences of the team also showed how there are so many different areas of defence/engineering and possible career paths which shaped my ideas for future study to be in this area as there are so many opportunities and possibilities in this area.” Elena Reu, Student on behalf of Team ORCA-207, Wilderness School.

Our involvement with Team ORCA-207 was more than just a sponsorship; it was a partnership aimed at igniting a passion for STEM and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in a field that is ever-evolving.

"The collaboration with BMT was the best industry collaboration I have ever been involved with," expressed Mr Sloan, highlighting the positive impact of this initiative on the students' learning experience and future career pathways.

As we reflect on this journey with Team ORCA-207, it reinforces our dedication to supporting educational initiatives that inspire and cultivate the talents of the next generation. Our aim is to contribute to a world where innovation, excellence, and the passion for solving complex challenges are nurtured from a young age. We look forward to continuing our support for such transformative programs, ensuring that the engineers and innovators of tomorrow are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration they need to lead us into the future.

Team ORCA-207 with BMT's, Andrew Harris and Alan Rose in Adelaide Office. 

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