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Analytical assessment of risk

Our experience in using practical tools and methodologies to manage risk helps you verify and optimise design early on when costs are still manageable.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada


Unmanaged risk proves costly: to human life and the liveability of communities, the operating time of an asset, and the business bottom line.

Viewing risk as a potential cost highlights the critical need for safe operations. The knock-on effects can result in severe consequences. Applying proven risk management techniques makes it possible to reduce expenses, notably at the early phases of the project life cycle, which forms the Formal Safety Assessment and leads to the development of any safety case.


During design, it is essential to undertake preliminary risk and safety engineering workshops to help identify and mitigate risks associated with design from an early stage.

The initial step in risk assessments is to efficiently determine the frequency and severity of hazards using a purely qualitative or semi-quantitative approach. We provide experienced facilitators and independent third-party participants for these workshops to assist in focusing design teams and triggering discussions ensuring early designs are questioned knowledgeably and effectively.

We understand the critical drivers for risk and safety-related studies:

  • To ensure design achieves acceptable safety standards.
  • To fulfil local regulatory requirements
  • To contribute to safety case preparation
  • To evaluate different design options