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The digital transformation to improve your effectiveness

A successful digital transformation leaves your organisation with the ability to evolve to meet the demands of constant change.

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Bath, England

Richard Hills

Senior Sales Manager - Defence Digital

Richard Hills

Senior Sales Manager - Defence Digital

Bath, England

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A successful digital transformation program helps your organisation meet the demands of constant change, but every organisation is different. That’s why we tailor our solutions and insight to your goals and help improve efficiency and effectiveness instead of providing “cookie-cutter” offerings designed for standard commercial or retail settings.

We’re uniquely placed to provide a genuinely independent and wide-ranging portfolio of services that will help you evolve and adapt to the fast-changing technology landscape. We support government organisations and agencies across the defence, security, policing, and energy sectors, and help other organisations with our knowledge and experience as they tackle some of the world’s most complex technological issues.

Unlike run-of-the-mill technology solution providers or management consultancies, we provide all the necessary know-how to make your digital transformation a reality, taking a hands-on approach to support you across the entire process or any single part of it. We pride ourselves on delivering positive outcomes and providing invaluable knowledge transfer, enabling you to continue enjoying the full range of benefits for years to come.

We specialise in legacy systems that carry technical debt, inconsistent data, inefficient processes, and vendor lock-in. We help to define a digital strategymeet the demands of constant chang, understand your business needs, support the digital business case and then act to deliver solutions before embedding new technology into the business.

We work independently of system integrators and technology providers and bring a wealth of impartial domain experience and knowledge to help you digitally optimise and transform your engineering and business processes. We combine impartial technical expertise with unrivalled domain knowledge to help you realise the full potential of your digital, Data and technology skills and infrastructure investment.

We help ensure that technology meets your desired outcomes, then help you embed technology into your business by improving processes.

We help you engage more fully and work collaboratively with the industry to build better insight into how to deliver your capabilities in the future.

Our approach

  • A clear view of the desired future state for your organisation
  • An agreed mission that can be shared
  • A clear picture of what needs to be in place
  • A list of improvement activities
  • A focused action plan
  • Best practice and optimised and automated processes.
  • Proactive expectation of user need
  • Identification of new opportunities and capabilities
  • Optimisation and improved efficiency of operations
  • Mitigation of risk and human error
  • Compliant and ethical use of data
  • De-risking investment in technology.

Technology exploration

We help you explore how technology can support your organisational model and help you to develop your strategy accordingly.

Making a case for change

We help you develop coherent business cases for changes across the strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management contexts, including evolving requirements modelling costs and benefits and identifying options for change projects and programmes.

Technology management partners

We provide independent and impartial advice to help you understand risks, exploit new opportunities, develop new capabilities and use technology to support your programmes.

Digital maturity

Organisations often aim to mature digitally but need expert guidance on how to do it. We can help by assessing your current digital maturity and identifying those aspects that need improvement first.

Work with users

Establish business needs

Depending on your circumstances, we take advantage of a wide range of approaches to establish your needs and consider your business and technical constraints, either with a traditional approach to requirements definition or using more agile iterative methods. 

Safe, secure, reliable

We’re trusted by the world’s leading armed forces and security services with the most sensitive information because our data handling procedures and storage are highly secure, safe, and reliable. Our secure systems, processes, and development environments and security clearances ensure that we manage classified information and sensitive data with outstanding care.

Ongoing support

We take security seriously and offer secure cloud hosting and deployment to help ensure that your software and data are safe, while our responsive helpdesk supports our cloud-based services to ensure your business is maintained. 

Identify processes to optimise

Business process modelling

We take the time to understand your processes from end to end and identify suitable automation and digital opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

Business processes and automation

We can help support office automation using low-code solutions such as Power Apps and Power Automate, and help to develop bespoke applications and data services.

Machine learning and advanced analytics

We provide trusted, impartial, technology-agnostic advice that’s focused on you and your challenges, and our expertise in data science, architecting and engineering will help you improve delivery, develop new services or capabilities and transform your organisation. We help you make sense of available data, exploit it for depth of insight and understand how to think big and move or scale fast.

We fuse our exceptional knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence with our domain knowledge of data science, analytics, engineering, asset management and project delivery to provide solutions for: autonomous systems; data analytics; ship and hull design; robotic process automation; human/machine teaming.

Proof of Value

We help you benefit from your data projects to demonstrate value to your organisation and support the development of your business case.

Data Discovery

We take an iterative approach to data discovery to help you understand what’s possible and where the challenges lie in exploiting your data.

Data Exploitation

We use statistical analysis and machine learning to provide valuable insights, build prototypes and integrate the benefits of data exploitation into your systems.

Data Insights

Tables aren’t always the best way to present data. That’s why using clear imaging to help users find better insights, recognise patterns and absorb key information quickly.

Data Design

We help you to take your data projects forward by building upon early prototypes and turning them into accessible and valuable solutions.

Data Modelling

Our in-house data analytics team can develop schemas and metadata and provide data provenance within your models.

Data Governance

We advise you on best practices for processing, managing, storing, and accessing data to ensure its quality, accuracy, availability, and compliance with legal and policy requirements.

Big Data Tools and Techniques

We help you with Big Data tools and techniques for your projects, from Elastic Search to Hadoop and Apache Spark. 

Data and AI Specialists

We deliver the right domain experience and context to help make sense of your data.

Digital optimisation and enterprise architecture

Our deep domain knowledge, skills and experience, combined with our collaborative, proactive approach are what set us apart, and because digital, data and technology skills can be difficult to maintain, we provide security-cleared software developers and data experts to work directly with your teams on-site.

Software Development

We provide full-stack developers with a wealth of front and back-end experience in mobile and web-based applications. Supported by Testers, Service Managers and UX Developers, we can provide the expertise to augment your organisation.

Agile Delivery

From Business Analysts to Product Owners and Scrum Masters, how you deliver your projects is as important as your employees’ technical expertise. We provide focused industry and domain knowledge to ensure that your users’ needs are understood and integrated effectively using agile methodologies.

Enterprise Architecture

Our experienced Enterprise Architects bridge the gap between business strategy and technology to help you understand your existing organisation, processes, information architecture, applications and portfolio, define where you need to be, and how best to get there.

Technology programmes and projects

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise allows us to help your delivery teams understand the available options when changing your capabilities. We identify how to reduce whole life costs for your existing capabilities, and where needed, we can support crosslines of development trading to optimise your future capability.

Programme and Project Technology Risk Management

We apply our extensive expertise to help identify technological risks and manage them as part of your project and programme management process.

Planning Technology Resources and Outcomes

We help provide coherence and capability focus as applied to new technologies, and we help your organisation take full advantage of research to reach your intended goals.

Knowledge Transfer

Technology moves quickly, so we work to ensure that you benefit by building and retaining expert technical expertise and domain knowledge.

Working with our teams

  • Highly skilled and experienced technology focussed SMEs
  • Access to world-class talent with experience relevant to your organisation
  • Reduced costs and gain value from your infrastructure investments
  • No lag whilst waiting for clearances to be processed
  • Able to be embedded or to lead your teams as required
  • Flexible solutions from singletons to whole teams
  • Identifying the optimum solution
  • Cost/benefit tradeoffs
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Underpinning a robust business case
  • Achieving expected return on investment
  • Improving team productivity
  • Reducing change lead time
  • Increasing throughput of organisation and industry partners
  • Embedding technology into the business

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