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Business transformation: helping you deliver complex change

Our brilliant people design, deliver, enable and assure your successful business transformation to help build a safer, more efficient, effective and sustainable future for your organisation.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada



Chris Batten

Director of Sales, Environment and Infrastructure

Chris Batten

Director of Sales, Environment and Infrastructure

Perth, Australia


In a world where change is constant, there’s never been a more critical time to optimise your business and the people, processes and assets that enable it.

Your challenges are numerous, including the need to deliver more for less while ensuring transparency, data security, increasing digital access and demonstrating sustainability for the future.

We work with you to define, design, deliver and enable the right strategy and direction to achieve your business or programme objectives.

We are trusted partners, enabling government departments, defence, security and law enforcement agencies to successfully define, deliver and embed their change ambition.

Our brilliant, security-cleared people provide strategic advice, offering insight into feasibility, cost, benefits and risk, so you have the necessary information to make informed decisions. 

We build successful, effective relationships with you and your teams. We transfer skills and knowledge to bolster your organisation’s capabilities and embed sustainable change.

Better futures

Our vision is for a safer, more efficient, effective and sustainable future through collaboration and innovation.

We use our technical expertise and delivery support knowledge to:

  • set strategy and direction,
  • work with you on organisational design and
  • provide portfolio, programme and project management and control, in addition to
  • change management, decision support and assurance.
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Strategy and Advisory services

By providing strategic consultancy in the early stages of your transformation, we help you understand where your organisation currently is, where it needs to be and how to get it there.  We help you take strategy from the boardroom to the front line, across all functions.

We recognise you are the expert in your business, the outcomes you want it to achieve and the strategic challenges it faces.  The value we deliver is in working with you to help bring clarity to these upcoming challenges. In addition to an understanding of the mechanisms that deliver the transformation that can address them.

Having worked with you to understand how your organisation operates, its strengths and weaknesses, we help you to identify the portfolio of change required to guide your organisation. From there, we can advise and support you through every step of your organisational change.

We help you determine the most appropriate approach to deliver change, supported by risk-based modelling to ensure confidence in the outcomes. From impact analysis to maturity assessments, we have the experience and knowledge to help you understand your business and develop a structure that can withstand unforeseen challenges.

By tailoring solutions to individual situations, we establish a strategy that is the right fit for your organisation.  By building on your best practice and complimenting it with innovative additions, we provide the strategic advice that aims to ensure every element of your organisational and operating framework will be ready to adapt. We’re willing to work together, to overcome any obstacles, both during and after implementation

Organisation design

Establishing the right organisational design is key to the delivery of your business or complex programme objectives.  We support you in establishing your blueprint for future success and have the knowledge and experience to maximise the ease of transition.

Taking your vision for the organisation, we use our extensive experience of business analysis and design to understand the current operating model and develop a tailored design for what you need in the future – documenting this in a blueprint.  In doing this, we assess what needs to be changed and the optimal sequence for its implementation. We provide a sustainable solution to bridge the gap between where your organisation is today, and the operating model for where you want it to be in the future.

We combine all your future operating model elements into a single, seamless design that integrates how you wish to operate.

We organise you to stay at the forefront of business advancements, and do this in the following ways:

  • Identify current state. Confirmation of current organisational blueprint to underpin the transition to the target operating model (future blueprint)
  • Design future state. Development of organisational design and target operating models
  • Focus on sustainability. Strategic and technical advice on what is needed to bring your organisation with you on the transformation. We consider strategic learning and development, leadership capability, service and capability gaps, strategic workforce planning, cultural climate and engagement.
  • Benefits-led change. Development and implementation of an approach that provides management information based on the identification and definition of the desired benefits. Identify how they manifest as critical success criteria and key performance indicators.

Our brilliant people will apply their specialist skills in business analysis and design to support the development of evidence-based designs for the future of your organisation.  We cut through the layers of confusion. Using systems thinking approaches, we help define how your business and strategic operations can adapt and thrive.

Portfolio, programme and project management (P3M)

At BMT, our brilliant people have amassed significant experience in the management of transformational change and outcome delivery, from obtaining the initial investment decision through to closing the transformation programme. We can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of change programme delivery within the performance, cost and time constraints of your agreed business cases.

Building the framework that delivers success

Successfully managing transformation, and establishing the information that facilitates this, requires a consistent control framework and an organisation equipped to deliver within it. 

Success in business

By using disciplined approaches to planning, monitoring and control, we work together with you to maximise your programme or project’s chance of achieving its performance, cost, and timescale objectives.

Based on our experience of establishing similar solutions across government and industry, we work collaboratively with you to establish one that is tailored to work within your operating environment.  We will then work to give your teams the capability to deliver within this framework, identifying and closing any skills gaps that could impact upon this.  Finally, to provide confidence that the framework will provide continued benefit, we help establish the mechanisms to assess compliance, taking action where necessary to drive improvement.

Typically, the core elements of the framework will include:

  • governance
  • planning
  • scheduling and resourcing
  • budgeting
  • risk, issue and dependency management
  • benefits profiling and realisation
  • quality management
  • performance analysis and reporting


Deploying staff that deliver transformation

We work with you to allocate resources where they can deliver the most significant impact. We work alongside you to mentor, support and develop your team to ensure that your business has the skills it needs to deliver successfully.

Diverse team of skilled students together solving task writing down information on papers glued on wall.Multicultural young people collaborating on business plan making notes of ideas on sticker

Whether you’re beginning a new initiative on the best basis, supplementing your existing delivery initiatives, or optimising delivery to increase successful outcomes, we have the skills and experience to help you.

Our brilliant people teams offer:

  • Experienced change programme managers to help you realise the outcomes and benefits your business needs.
  • Project managers, business change managers and subject matter experts to support projects that deliver outputs to help deliver sustainable change.
  • Programme management office (PMO) services that provide management information to assess the progress of your initiative.

We can provide the tools, techniques, and analysis to ensure that the change you deploy is sustainably embedded across your organisation. We can also help develop your change team and transfer the skills they will need to conduct future change as efficiently as possible.

Building your capabilities

business man try to build wood block on wooden table and blur background business organization startup concept

We believe that building this organisational capability is an integral part of the change and that it’s vital to transfer the skills, knowledge and ability you need to maintain new ways of working as part of the change programme.  We help make your resources more efficient and effective to ensure you gain the maximum value from your investment. We deliver within performance, cost, and time constraints, thereby helping you build your long-term business transformation capability.

Change management

It takes careful planning and control to ensure that embedding change is managed effectively, efficiently, economically and sustainably. With appropriate business change techniques, a clear vision of the end state of your investment, and structured engagement with your team, your organisation can realise long-term benefits.

The key to sustainable change is practical planning and ensuring that adequate conditions and enablers are established. Our brilliant people help you to define and deliver your transformation roadmap, create a business change strategy, and support the development of the portfolio of programmes and projects required to embed change.  As part of this, key activities include:

  • Analysing your key organisational stakeholders. Gaining their perspective on the proposed transformation. Understanding the best means of communicating with them to achieve support and address any blockers.
  • Identifying the actions needed to deliver the cultural change across your wider team. Ensuring sustainable operation within the new ways of working.
  • Identifying where capability building is required to give your team the skills to deliver in the new operating environment. Developing and delivering the associated training across a range of media to ensure it is embedded.
  • Providing business change managers to support the transition to, and successful adoption of, new processes, tools and ways of working.
  • Establishing the mechanisms to review the status of change implementation. Establishing benefits realisation management approaches. Facilitating the identification of performance enhancements and targeting support where needed.

Delivering transformation in an organisation requires engagement across the teams experiencing change to ensure they feel part of the process and have a degree of ownership of the future they will deliver within.  Our consultants bring the knowledge and experience to create the environment that enables this.

How to buy our services

Running your own tender process can be lengthy and expensive. We’re listed on several frameworks to help you save time and money, especially through the option of Direct Award contracts.

Crown Commercial Service MCF3 Framework

Management Consultancy Framework 3

Access BMT consultancy services via Lot 1 – Business, Lot 3 – Complex and Transformation and Lot 9 - Environmental Sustainability & Socio-Economic Development.

Consultancy Plus Managed Service Provider

Consultancy Plus Managed Service Provider

Consultancy+ work with their client to assess, engage, onboard & manage access to BMT to deliver consultancy and professional services.


Public Sector Resourcing


Source BMT contractors for all public sector organisations through Alexander Mann Solutions.

Bloom NEPRO3 framework

Bloom NEPRO³

An OJEU compliant procurement framework which assists the UK public sector to buy and manage specialist BMT professional services.

Next generation surge framework for professional services for the Metropolitan Police Serviceolice

Next generation surge framework for professional services

A framework for the provision of services to support Portfolio delivery, support, and implementation (agile and waterfall) to provide additional market leading skills & address peaks in demand.

Contact BMT about frameworks

Contact us and find out how we can work together via the various frameworks.

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We're working on a number of projects to help government departments, defence, security and law enforcement transform.

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