We understand the challenges faced by energy suppliers, we help unlock opportunities by offering insights and cost-efficient solutions.

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Andy Brown - Offshore

Head of Business Development, North America

Houston, United States

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Energy Insights

With decades of experience in the Energy industry, in over 35 countries, we understand the engineering and environmental challenges customers face in extracting, producing and transporting natural resources. Our full range of services and products help customers unlock opportunities by offering insights and cost-efficient solutions throughout the life-cycle of their offshore and onshore assets, from design to decommissioning.

Our detailed understanding of the interaction between your critical asset and the forces affecting it, means we deliver greater control, greater safety, greater operability, greater maintainability and significantly lower through-life costs. We combine our knowledge of operational conditions, metocean conditions, hydrology and the marine/terrestrial environments with structural and materials understanding, sophisticated monitoring and through-life engineering support to help you assure the integrity of your offshore and onshore assets.

We support assets such as:

  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines
  • Fixed and floating production platforms
  • Gas floating production systems
  • Marine and land based oil terminal piping and tanks
  • Petrochemical storage and processing plants
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities and vessels
  • Wave and tidal devices
  • Offshore wind farms
  • Floating and land based solar

Oil and Gas

In a cost-sensitive oil and gas industry we meet the exacting standards with expertise, quality services and value for money. We understand the level of risk at various stages of an oil and gas development and work tirelessly with our customers to ensure they meet the demand for the highest levels of safety and quality by helping to mitigate risks to personnel, environment and assets whilst reducing costs on projects.

Renewable Energy

We support all phases of the development and operation of wind, wave, tidal and floating solar energy projects for the renewable energy sector. With unrivalled skills and experience of meeting the unique challenges of operating in the harsh offshore environments, we provide insight and solutions to the engineering and environmental challenges of extracting energy from above, upon and beneath oceans, seas and lakes.