Image of a fire inspector looking over a live industrial fire

Fire and explosion investigation

In the event of a fire, the impact is often very significant; an in-depth investigation into the origin and cause as well as swift handling of the case is therefore imperative for all parties involved.

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As an independent engineering, science and technical consulting firm, our fire investigations department is specialised in the investigation of fires, explosions and other major incidents for all sorts of vehicles and vessels as well as commercial, domestic and industrial buildings.

A key component during the process of investigation is to keep our customers involved to obtain the highest possible results through close cooperation. After completion of this process a comprehensive report concerning the origin and cause will be issued and if required assistance with any subsequent litigation.

Our services include:

  • On-site presence to determine the area of origin of the fire
  • Investigate the cause
  • Collect and secure evidence
  • Sampling and advice on laboratory testing
  • Investigative interviewing
  • Court and arbitration proceedings

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Our team conducts in-depth fire investigations using the latest technologies. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our network guarantees independent and high-quality fire investigations by working exclusively with experienced, internationally certified professionals in many research disciplines using state of the art research methods such as 3D visualisation and CT scan.

Image of a fire inspector looking over a live industrial fire

Why BMT?


We offer reliable advice to the commercial, insurance and legal sectors. Furthermore, in-house expertise is readily available to support our fire investigators to simplify the chaos left behind by fires and present clear conclusions to our customers through investigation, reconstruction, fire analysis, fire safety and prevention, simulation, disputes, litigation and technical advice. Our fire investigators are trained to provide oral and written evidence in court and arbitration proceedings in each stage of the claim, dispute and litigation process, anywhere in the world.

Marine casualties

We have worked on various marine casualties, including some of the largest and most complex incidents. Our marine fire investigators are supported by our knowledge in marine and electrical engineering, tanker operations and hazardous cargoes to offer a complete investigation service in case of a fire or explosion on board a wide variety of ocean-going and inland vessels.

Container ship on fire in open sea


We make the invisible visible, for which a number of innovative tools are deployed. Documenting a fire scene requires precise, on-the-spot mapping of the available evidence. Our 3D laser scan camera (Matterport) helps document fire investigation scenes more comprehensively than traditional tools and provides a complete snapshot of the fire scene. Laser scanning supports a highly objective, systematic approach and improves workflow efficiency, from gathering evidence on the spot to post-processing and presentation in court for forensic investigation. Fire investigation includes both field and laboratory work to determine the cause of the fire. By using the CT scan, we can create images that distinguish between organic and inorganic substances or identify damage-causing defects, making it easier to pinpoint the cause of the fire.

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