Offshore engineering

Offshore engineering

Our cost-effective, high-quality services help us consistently meet exacting standards in the volatile oil and gas industry.

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Lee Hedd

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Ottawa, Canada


With decades of in-depth expertise and offices strategically located to support each significant offshore region, we help offshore oil and gas companies and major contractors solve the engineering and environmental challenges of operating in oceans around the world.

  • Unique solutions delivered through specialist disciplines
  • The global reach that’s strategically located to support each significant offshore region
  • World-class advisory and support
  • Deep industry experience and understanding
  • Vast project history with major deep-water operators
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Accredited

We combine expert technical ability with in-field experience to offer practical, well-grounded advice that reduces operational costs due to weather downtime whilst maintaining safe and efficient drilling operations.

We understand the level of risk at each stage of oil and gas development. We work with you to deliver the highest levels of safety and quality by mitigating risks to personnel, the environment and assets whilst reducing project costs.

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Key services

Real-time Remote Monitoring

Our real-time remote monitoring helps maximise operational efficiency during drilling, whilst integrated topside and subsea sensors give operators a seamless view of the performance of drilling units to keep them within operating design limits. What’s more, our combined systems and services provide warning systems and predict weather risks, giving critical response teams enough time to act.

Integrated Marine Monitoring

We understand how offshore oil and gas structures respond to environmental conditions, so our engineers can develop solutions that exceed your expectations for the life of the field.

Our systems are used on a wide range of floating offshore oil and gas facilities, including floating production storage and offloading vessels, part-submerged, tension leg platforms and spars, as well as subsea risers (steel catenary and free-standing).

Construction and installation

We help you identify safe operational windows for construction and installation. Our advice helps maintain installation schedules and ensure safety during transit and installation.

From training pilots through the simulation of complex tow-outs to understanding the metocean environment, our role is to give you an accurate, site-specific view on which to base your operations.

An offshore oil and gas platform at sea

Safety and efficiency

Optimising how vessels perform, training crew, and ensuring safety measures are in place is critical to operational safety and performance within operating budgets.

We regularly service sensors to provide health checks on asset integrity and ensure that long-term quality data is archived for marine assurance managers to assess your asset’s design life periodically.

We provide the service, maintenance, consulting, and training support to maintain these monitoring systems, ensure they function optimally in harsh marine environments, reduce potential operational downtime, and assure personnel safety in offshore work.

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Hurricane advisory

Our hurricane advisory support is a result of 30+ years of working alongside deep-water oil and gas operations, understanding the needs and concerns of asset operators, and leveraging our strong capabilities in instrumentation and data science to develop and deliver technological solutions to their complex challenges.

Our remote asset integrity monitoring and data analysis solutions help operators prepare for, respond to, and learn from hurricanes and extreme weather events that impact near-shore and deep-water assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Our environment

The offshore oil and gas industry faces ever increasing regulatory scrutiny with environmental issues at the top of the agenda, particularly at decommissioning

We provide a comprehensive range of services in support of monitoring the environment, understanding environmental impacts and satisfying regulatory obligations.

Sector-specific management plans include:

  • Oil spill preparedness and response planning
  • Oil pollution emergency plans (OPEP)
  • Operational and scientific monitoring plans (OSMP) for oil spill planning
  • Well operations management plans.
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Research and innovation

Since 1973 we have been engaged in industry-leading research developing innovative tools and insights that support design, construction and operations, in-service assessment, root-cause investigations, and repair solutions.

The results of our efforts are often used to develop and advance industry standards, codes and regulations and safety practices.



  • Pipeline Integrity Assessment
  • Strain-Based Assessments
  • FEA Analysis
  • Geohazard Assessments
  • Operations Consulting Services
  • In-Service Support and Repair
  • Field Instrumentation and Assessments
  • Welding Engineering and Process Optimization
  • Materials Engineering and Testing
  • Full-Scale Testing of Pipeline Anomalies
  • Integrity Management Tools
  • Software, Facilities, and Resources