Subsea technology and engineering

Our knowledge of subsea logistics, accessibility and reliability enables cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada


We use front-end engineering design (FEED) methodology to support the entire value chain from determining the most appropriate installation method, vessels and equipment, engineering design installation development and preparation of relevant installation drawings.

Our thorough understanding of the requirements for project execution can enhance the chances of successful subsea project implementation.

Our subsea services

  • We define project activities for different elements and create a logical planning network
  • We can perform detailed geophysical and geotechnical field development surveys and soil investigations as a part of planned field development and based on survey results
  • After any production system has been installed, we can support numerous operations to ensure safe and pollution-free operations
  • Validation of lifting capacity, strength capacity for lifting objects and vessel structures
  • Monitoring and reporting of an established project throughout its lifecycle

Environmental impact

Using an in-depth survey, we can help identify potential manufactured hazards, natural hazards, and engineering constraints when selecting a subsea field area and flowline construction to assess the potential impact on biological communities and determine seabed and sub-bottom conditions.

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