Keeping an eye on the mooring

Keeping an eye on the mooring

We developed advanced MLM technology that monitors mooring pull-in and inclination of the chain stoppers during the vessel’s hook-up installation and the long-term operation of its internal turret-mooring system.

23 December 2019

The FPSO Helang is an imposing, double-hulled floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel based at Port Klang in Malaysia. When London Marine Consultants were tasked with the significant challenge of creating and integrating an internal turret into the 249- by 42-metre vessel, they needed an exceptional Mooring Line Monitoring (MLM) system for the turret-moored vessel and they naturally turned to us.

The innovative new MLM system allows operators to visually monitor the chain stopper inclination in real-time to measure chains as they are being tensioned. In the case of the Helang, there are seven individual mooring line chain stoppers that each require monitoring during this critical phase, so the MLM will indicate the leaving angles for each of them and include seven subsea inclinometer sensors that transfer data to be accessed on a local tablet readout and an integrated control and safety system at the client’s FPSO control room.

This marks just one of the turret-moored systems that we’ve successfully developed and delivered for several major deep-water field developments. Our suite of Mooring Line Monitoring systems provides critical integrity data and important real-time monitoring of mooring systems to enhance operational safety.


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