BMT, Boeing team for Navy maritime communications system project

3 November 2022

BMT and Boeing Defence Australia are partnering to provide the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with a modern maritime communications system, under Project SEA1442 Phase 5.

The teaming partners will deliver the RAN an integrated, interoperable and resilient system to enhance their wireless information exchange capability.

Boeing’s pedigree in developing complex communication systems for the deployed military environment, combined with BMT’s demonstrated experience in maritime engineering will provide the RAN a flexible system with advanced evolving technology to meet their needs for the coming decades.

“Our collaborative partnership offers a seaworthy, sovereign communications system that will enable Navy to fight and win at sea,” said Scott Carpendale, vice president and managing director, Boeing Defence Australia. “Our solution creates opportunity for Navy to become part of a fully-integrated Australian Defence Force-wide system, with access to coalition interoperability.”
“The combination of Boeing’s fielded technology, collaborative development approach and BMT’s maritime design expertise, technical assurance and extensive knowledge of RAN platforms will ensure the rapid delivery of this combat-ready communications capability,” he said.

Pictured: (L) Graeme Nayler, Regional Business Director, BMT and (R) Scott Carpendale, Vice President and Managing Director, Boeing Defence Australia.

As the Prime Systems Integrator, Boeing Defence Australia’s design and network expertise is operationally-proven across networked operations in denied, degraded, intermittent and limited bandwidth environments in multiple domains.

The locally designed and manufactured solution contains more than 90 per cent Australian content underpinned by the use and uplift of new and existing Australian suppliers.

“As the maritime engineering partner, BMT in Australia brings local expertise to Boeing’s sovereign maritime solution for SEA1442 Phase 5,” said Graeme Nayler, Regional Business Director, BMT.
“BMT are proud of the long history we have in supporting Australia’s and our coalition partners’ naval capabilities, complex military platforms and weapon systems and our in-country experts play an active role in supporting shipbuilding, acquisition and sustainment enterprises to provide the best solutions for Navy.”

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