Ports and terminals which run safely, securely and efficiently benefit all stakeholders, from authorities and regulators to contractors and customers.

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Andy Brown - Coastal Infrastructure

Head of Business Development, North America

Houston, United States

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Safety, security, opportunity

Achieving safety is an increasingly complex task, requiring technical ability, specialist services, excellent communication and senior expertise. 



Related Projects

Risk Assessment for a Storage Terminal in Accordance to New Singapore Guidelines

In view of changes made to Singapore QRA Guidelines (implemented in 2016), a Dutch storage major with a brown-field facility whereby the risk from the facility has not been assessed engaged BMT to carry out a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in accordance to both existing and new Singapore QRA Guidelines for the Terminal.

Cumulative Risk Assessment of Industrial Facilities in China

BMT was invited by a global financing and development institution to conduct a cumulative risk assessment of its three major industrial facilities in Nansha, Pearl River Delta and to review its industrial hazard risk management system.

Onshore Pipeline Environmental Risk Assessment

Singapore Office of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), commissioned BMT to undertake a Quantitative Environmental Risk Assessment to determine the risk posed by a newly-installed buried aviation fuel pipeline within a military facility.

Managing Ferry and Cruise Safety, Singapore

Cruise Bay is Singapore's busiest marine passenger hub, which will see an increase in the movements of cruise ships within Cruise Bay and possibly lead to the use of Cruise Bay by ever larger cruise ships. BMT was commissioned to address these issues.

Needs Assessment for Improving Maritime Transport Safety, Tonga

Following a launch of an initiative to improve transport safety in Tonga, BMT was invited by World Bank to identify what further assistance was needed to improve the ongoing safe operations of inter island shipping in Tonga.