Risk Assessment for a Storage Terminal in Accordance to New Singapore Guidelines

In view of changes made to Singapore QRA Guidelines (implemented in 2016), a Dutch storage major with a brown-field facility whereby the risk from the facility has not been assessed engaged BMT to carry out a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in accordance to both existing and new Singapore QRA Guidelines for the Terminal.

The Requirement

BMT has undertaken the first ever Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) based on the new Singapore QRA Guidelines. 

The client, a Dutch oil storage major with a brown-field facility, commissioned BMT to carry out a risk assessment in accordance to both existing and new Singapore QRA Guidelines. It currently operates an existing petroleum, fuel and chemical storage terminal located on Pulau Sebarok, about 5-km away from the main island of Singapore.

The total storage capacity of the terminal is about 1,260,000 cubic metres which consists of 12 tank pits, 79 storage tanks, five pumping stations and nine jetties. The terminal operations include storage, blending, import and export of petroleum products and chemical blend-stocks.  

What We Delivered

  • Identified scenarios that may pose toxic, flammable or explosive hazards, resulting in major adverse consequences to the off-site population; 
  • Assessed the risk arising from normal operations illustrated through individual and cumulative risk contours.
QRA tasks including:
  • Hazard identification according to analysis of the products Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and NFPA rating; 
  • Fire, Explosion Toxic Gas Dispersion Impact Modelling to determine the hazardous zone around the location of loss of containment of the products;
  • Frequency analysis to determine the likelihood of fire, explosion and toxic hazards;
  • Risk calculation using Impact Modelling and Frequency Analysis to determine the overall risk of the terminal; 
  • Provide safety recommendations and manage queries from QRA approving agencies. 

Outcome and Benefits 

  • First project to have been conducted under the new Singapore QRA Guidelines;
  • Provided client a better understanding on overall risk of storage terminal;
  • Provided feasible solutions to enhance safety level for the terminal;
  • Obtained acknowledgement from government approving agencies.

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