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Specialist dredging advisory

Establishing new port channels and basins and managing sediment build-up can present a major obstacle to ports and boat harbours.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada


Our dredging studies consider all aspects of the required works, ranging from the ground conditions and the prevailing weather and ocean conditions to selecting a suitable plant to assess the optimal approach for completing each project.

We have experience in a wide range of dredging methods, dredging related issues and complimentary services.

Our services include:

  • Reclamation advisory and design
  • Dredging options assessment
  • Dredged material characterisation
  • Sand bypassing and beach re-nourishment projects
  • Unexploded and exploded ordnance (UXO/EXO) investigations
  • Port planning to define dredging needs


  • Review and assessment of relevant site data to determine project requirements and constraints
  • Identification of likely project constraints
  • Evaluation of geotechnical/ geophysical data to assess the ability to dredge
  • Evaluation of dredged material disposal options, including offshore disposal and reclamation
  • Selection of appropriate dredging equipment
  • Assessment of site conditions and associated implications for the effectiveness of dredging equipment
  • Determination of proper project execution methodology
  • Evaluation of ‘constructability’ requirements and the optimized staging of works
  • Preparation of detailed ‘internal’ cost estimates based on in-house experience and guidelines
  • Management of contractor requests for cost estimates
  • Validation and review of dredge production rates and workability limits

Keeping the channels open

Our experience in managing the whole life cycle of dredging projects means that we are best placed to assist our clients in ensuring timely execution and the best value for money from the engineering design, procurement, execution and maintenance phase.

  • Planning, design and project management of all capital and maintenance dredging works
  • Input for obtaining dredging licences and approvals
  • Contract procurement and management of dredging projects
  • Dredge site supervision and client representation
  • Dredging environmental monitoring and management (including both proactive and reactive adaptive management)
  • Compliance with health, safety, environmental and community commitments
  • Reclamation and ground improvement works
  • Expert witness and dispute resolution


The Central Dredging Association, founded in 1978, is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, professional society for the dredging industry.

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Quality evidence-based solutions

Reclamation and sand bypassing.

We provide an integrated approach to managing capital and maintenance dredging, reclamation, and sand bypassing.

Our reclamation modelling accurately simulates the disposal or reclamation process associated with dredging projects to optimise basin design and construction. 

Silting assessments

Silting at terminals requires regular dredging to maintain navigation channels.

Recent projects

Lower Yarra River Dredge Study

Environmental risk assessment of siltation dredging and dredge material management.

MTIA and Management Measures for Dredging Activity in a Busy Port

Using AIS-based methodology, BMT mapped out marine traffic scenarios that have enabled clients to plan future dredging activity safety & efficiently.

Broome Channel Optimisation

We were engaged by KPA to provide site supervision, technical and management services for the delivery of the Broome Channel Optimisation project to enable port access for large shipping and cruise vessels.

Cairns Cruise Ship Development

Ports North engaged us to provide specialist engineering design of the dredging and disposal site and environmental advice for the EIS process. Aproximately 800,000 cubic metres of material was removed and pumped onshore.

Inner Harbour Deepening and Reclamation Monitoring Fremantle Ports

We were engaged by Fremantle Ports to develop and implement the marine monitoring program required to assess and manage the potential impacts from dredging and reclamation works.

Bunbury and Port Hedland Maintenance Dredging

We were engaged by the Bunbury Port Authority in 2004 and again in 2007 to manage maintenance dredging works undertaken in the harbour and channel areas of the Port.

Western Australia Maintenance Dredging Program Management

We have worked to provide an integrated service for the management of the DoT's Maintenance Dredging Program since 2000.

Lancelin Maintenance Dredging

BMT delivered the full range of project management, from the drafting of tender documents to on-site supervision.