Asset monitoring & sustainment

Asset monitoring and sustainment

From sensors to insight, we provide an array of bespoke asset management solutions to monitor, analyse and report on the sustainability of capital infrastructure assets.

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Neil Charles

President, Critical Infrastructure Americas

Escondido, United States

+1 (720)-398-7287

We harness innovation and advances in technology to drive opportunities for operational and sustainability improvements.

We leverage deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide consulting for industry and government agencies to support the design, performance, integrity, and safety concerns around virtually any type of asset.

We partner with you to assist with understanding and interpreting data that can help predict and optimise outcomes, increase awareness of the conditions, maintenance requirements, and locations of assets, enhance operational safety, and sustain the life of critical assets. Our services allow for better operational decision-making, increased availability and efficiency, reduced risks, reduced lifecycle costs, improved emergency response, enhanced security and safety, and reduced environmental impact due to failed or poorly performing assets.

Our asset monitoring and sustainment solutions help you make more informed choices. Our systems deftly weave together data from different sources to track and analyse the performance of your assets. We help predict and optimise outcomes, improve integration with other aspects of your business, and enhance everything from automation, control and manufacturing, to weather and equipment repair systems.

Our customised sensor and analytics packages help sustain the life of your assets and offer vital insights to asset investment and strategy and minimise downtime. It’s thanks to our exceptional track record for safety that we’re trusted to protect high-risk assets and operating environments the world over.

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