Our surveyors and marine incident consultants

Marine surveyors available round the clock

We are proud to offer 24/7 expert maritime support through our in-house network of marine surveyors, as well as using our global network consisting of 300+ surveyors spread all over the world. We provide a wealth of technical expertise, including financial modelling, forensic investigation, simulation and modelling services.

Our approach is pragmatic and scientific when needed. We use simulation and visualisation tools and other state-of-the-art software to support our investigations.

Our marine incident consultants and surveyors are internationally certified by leading industry organisations like the Nautical Institute, the International Marine Contractors Association, or the 360 Quality Association. Our reporting is done to accepted standards to ensure survey results and audits are comparable regardless of when and where.

Meet our surveyors
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Global surveyor network

Our in-house network enables us to offer engineering expertise from 23 offices spread over four continents. In addition, we work together with 300+ marine surveyors all over the world providing our services round the clock. These maritime experts have been carefully selected based on their quality standards and the service provided to us in the past, such as during our overseas surveys.

All our marine surveyors are subject to a strict monitoring and evaluation process in accordance with our ISO 9001 standards.