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Monitor your Vessel's Condition with MATE™

MATE™ helps to improve operational efficiency and manage risk.

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Dennis de Bruin

Managing Director, BMT Surveys

Dennis de Bruin

Managing Director, BMT Surveys

Rotterdam, Netherlands

+31 10 4790311

Ottawa, Canada

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada

+1 613 592 2830

MATE™ is the only cloud-based tool that translates the results of physical inspections into scoreboards and graphs, highlighting risk areas.

We can capture and track any aspect of a vessel's condition and visualise its development over time.

  • MATE™ is a fully managed service - we coordinate all the work.
  • We collect and enter the data during actual physical inspections. Our highly qualified and experienced Global Surveyor Network executes vessel inspections according to globally standardised guidelines.
  • The data collected feeds into reports and digestible scoreboards, which can be benchmarked against fleet performance figures.
  • We can customise all reports based on vessel type(s) or specific client needs.

An introduction to BMT MATE™

This short video demonstrates MATE in live scenarios.

Tailor-made inspections

MATE™ allows custom-made inspections to be arranged based on your specific requirements or KPIs. All imaginable aspects of ships can be covered, from cargo care to pollution prevention, structural condition, cleanliness, navigation practice, etc.

The inspection results are collected using the MATE™ web-based platform, storing your data in a secure first-class cloud environment. From here, you can use the inspection data for:

  • Producing custom style reports
  • Calculating inspection scores
  • Generating statistical overviews
  • Conducting benchmarking
  • Producing trend graphs
  • Managing pending items and corrective action

MATE™ - all advantages at a glance

Fully managed service

We arrange the inspections and coordinate all the work

Uniform inspections

Inspections have an unprecedented high level of uniformity, achieved through providing detailed surveyor guidance and conducting office reviews by a dedicated team of specialists.

Full transparency

Inspection programmes are fully transparent, allowing those involved to learn about the purpose and scope of the inspection.

Global coverage

With access to more than 250 surveyors worldwide, we provide global coverage.

Customised reporting

All reporting can be customised, based on vessel type(s) or your specific needs.

Easy and reliable

The reports and overviews generated by MATE™ are easy to digest and form a reliable basis for further action.

Reduced costs

Using an efficiency inspection and reporting process helps to keep costs low.

Vast experience

The MATE™ system is built upon our experience of providing top quality expertise to the marine and insurance industry for more than 70 years.

Fully independent

As one of the major survey companies in the industry we have the advantage of being fully independent.

A demonstration of BMT MATE™

MATE translates actual survey findings into a meaningful and intuitive scoring system.


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