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Survey audits and technical inspections

We offer a broad range of surveys, audits and certifications to promote safety and operational efficiency.

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Our maritime experts and marine surveyors are internationally certified by leading industry organisations like the Nautical Institute, the International Marine Contractors Association, or the 360 Quality Association. We report to accepted standards - so survey results and audits are comparable, always, and everywhere.

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Remote Navigation Audit (RNA)

Recognising the need for a streamlined and effective solution to conduct navigation audits remotely, we developed a comprehensive system that enables remote assessment, monitoring, and analysis of vessels from any location worldwide.

Our RNA service extracts data from ships' Voyage Data Recorders, conducts detailed assessments of navigation procedures, adheres to industry best practices, and complies with international regulations, specifically focusing on the safety of navigation and culture on board ships.

The service improves the operational performance of bridge teams on ships, offering increased levels of assurance and compliance with industry regulations and standards; reflected by cost savings; reduced environmental impact; improved operating ability; and increased resilience.


Key benefits include:

Leading indicator

A VDR review would give a true picture of the culture on the vessel's bridge and give leading indicators on the consequences of current practices.

Enhanced efficiency

Our solution eliminates the need for physical presence on board vessels, significantly reducing travel time and associated costs.

Environmental sustainability

The reduction in travel requirements contributes to a significant decrease in carbon emissions, aligning with the industry's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Enhance the safety of navigation

Our comprehensive VDR investigations show where significant benefits can be derived from post-incident analysis, helping improve safety at sea.

Global reach

Our solution transcends geographical limitations, enabling audits to be conducted on vessels operating globally.

International marine contractors' association CMID & MISW audits

Our accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) conduct eCMID and eMISW audits on all specialist vessel types, using the eCMID database for clear reporting to operator and charterer alike.  IMCA’s CMID and MISW audits are the industry standard for due diligence and safety inspections for vessels working in the offshore and renewables industry. IMCA’s eCMID system provides a standardised format for vessel inspection, offering a safety management system ‘health check’ focusing on specific risk areas presented by the specialist vessel types operating in the market.

Our accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) conduct audits using the eCMID database for transparent reporting. We have extensive experience in the offshore and renewables industries and can also offer:

  • On-hire/off-hire / suitability and due diligence surveys / surveys of construction and support vessels
  • Post-incident investigation and analysis of project related fixed and floating damage, lifting equipment incidents and personal injury
  • Marine Warranty Survey services, including facilitation of HAZID, review and approval of RAMS, oversight of mobilisation and attendance for the installation
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Surveyor Training

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Join our maritime surveying experts on our specialised training courses, designed to support customers in their understanding of ports, ships, tankers and terminals.

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MATE™ helps to improve operational efficiency and manage risk.  It is the only cloud-based tool that translates the results of physical inspections into scoreboards and graphs, highlighting risk areas.

Rapid response environmental surveys

We respond rapidly to emergencies, including ship groundings and unplanned discharges. We are responsive and design monitoring programs and collect meaningful data, no matter the size of the crisis or the remoteness of the impacted area.

Tanker and terminal safety

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We offer specialised services such as supervision of operations, review and preparation of terminal handbooks, condition surveys for tankers, compliance etc.

In addition to supervising operations, reviewing, and preparing terminal handbooks, we help promote safety during risk-sensitive operations onboard tankers, at sea, or in port.

Vessel condition surveys

We have a long track record of vessel inspection, offering entry and condition, vetting, cargo, sale, and purchase surveys for all types of ships, from seagoing vessels to inland barges.

That expertise has translated into helping develop appropriate survey forms for underwriters, shipping companies and associations. Through our Global Surveyor Network, we can also provide these condition surveys at short notice in all major ports.

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Specialised reefer ships and cold store terminals

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We are fully authorised under the 360 Quality Association’s rules to audit specialised reefer ships and cold store terminals.

The 360 Quality Association is an alliance of reefer shipping lines and seaport terminals that specialise in handling reefer cargoes. The Association’s goal is to maintain the high standards established in the chain and continuously improve the quality of handling, storage, and transport of reefer cargoes.