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Forensic investigation & specialist survey consultancy

We are experts at finding answers and helping to mitigate future marine incidents.

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Our track record in forensic investigation and the provision of independent advice for loss prevention and claim/litigation procedures in container collapse cases are outstanding.

Image of containers that have collapsed on a ship

Container Cargoes

We have extensive experience investigating collapsed container stows and lashing and securing force calculations. We set suitable test criteria for lashing material and coordinate tests through reputable test facilities, including our in-house test laboratories.  A container is more than just a steel box; it is required to meet a substantial number of regulations on dimensions and strength. Equally, all elements part of the container lashing and securing system are subject to strength requirements imposed by the Classification Societies.


Fuels, gas and chemicals

Bunker fuels and marine fuels

From fuel testing to acting as expert witnesses or arbitrators, we provide specialist independent advice for claims and disputes related to the quality of marine fuels.

We deal with many fuels claims each year, and with the new IMO sulphur standards, pressure on fuel and bunker questions is expected to increase. The stability and quality of compatible marine fuels are the main concern for shipowners and charterers alike, in addition to problems connected to storage and fuel treatment on board. In the most unfortunate event, damage to the primary or auxiliary engines may occur with significant financial consequences.

An image of a man holding a tube with liquid in a lab
Oil tanker

Transportation and storage

More than for other cargoes, the investigation of crude oil, fuel oil, gas and chemicals claims require an analytical approach: not only literally by using special laboratories for sampling and analysing but also figuratively by checking the vast amount of records made by the crew during pre-loading and transportation.  The toxic atmosphere in cargo tanks and the cargo's hazardous nature does not always allow an immediate visual inspection of tanks.

We have extensive experience investigating international oil, gas and chemicals claims for seagoing vessels and storage terminals.  Special attention is given to tank cleaning, the effects of the tank coating and, not least, the individual properties of the more than 2,000 different types of chemicals transported by sea.

Perishable goods and food safety

We have experience investigating any sort of perishable good losses. With most of our offices being located in the busy North-West European ports, we handle about 4,000 cases in this area per year involving these types of products. We advise on the many different factors that can determine the appropriate temperature as well as other conditions for shipment.

Food and perishables

Our services include:

  • Investigations into the nature, extent and cause of damage
  • Performance review of reefer container
  • Testing of reefer equipment and analysis
  • Advice on transport and storage requirements
  • Research programmes to turn around damage trends
  • Advice during new trade / new product pilots
  • Reefer vessel inspections
  • Audits of storage facilities