Wave and Tidal Energy

Our expertise in ocean technology and renewable energy has positioned us as leading technical experts for offshore engineering energy technologies and next-generation tidal and wave energy technology.

We have been working in ocean technology and renewable energy for over 40-years, including developing innovative wave and tidal energy devices. Through our collaboration with industry leaders, government bodies, and funding agencies, we deliver comprehensive technical due diligence covering mechanical and electrical engineering, marine structures, and geotechnical engineering specifically tailored for wave and tidal energy technologies.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy, generated by the natural ebb and flow of ocean tides, stands out as a reliable renewable power source. There have been significant advancements in utilising tidal movements to produce electricity, particularly in regions with a substantial tidal range. Australia's position as home to some of the world's largest tides, coupled with the high technical maturity of tidal energy systems, positions it as a key player in the global shift towards renewable energy.

Despite the potential, a comprehensive understanding of tidal resources and the technical specifications of their implementation remains elusive, creating a barrier to investment and development in the sector. Our marine engineers excel in mechanical engineering design and analysis, materials science, fatigue and corrosion prevention, and the application of metals and composites in marine environments. We offer unparalleled expertise in underwater engineering and transmission systems.

Providing early-stage design support for next-generation tidal device concepts, our systems engineers excel at capturing requirements and delivering solutions backed by thorough technical assessments, lifecycle costing, and investment appraisals. Our expertise extends to calculating and assessing the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE), and offshore engineering design for station keeping, mooring design, vessel stability, and structural integrity.

Our projects have included providing Rolls Royce with turbine performance and design calculations for a low head tidal turbine, offering Marine Current Turbines early-stage design support for pioneering tidal device concepts, assessment of the impact on navigation for propose tidal energy barrages, and assessment of the potential tidal energy resource for a region in Australia. Through numerical modelling and physical model testing, we offer unmatched analysis and consultancy capabilities, reinforcing our commitment to advancing the tidal energy industry.

Image Credit: Carnegie, Wave Energy 2016
Carnegie array

Wave Energy

Wave energy, a growing field within the renewable energy sector, presents a promising alternative to conventional power sources. With over 200 wave energy devices currently under testing and demonstration worldwide, the technology's potential remains largely untapped due to scarce data on its viability. Recognising the vast possibilities offered by wave energy, we are committed to exploring sustainable usage levels and competitive viability against existing energy technologies.

Our services encompass environmental assessments, permitting, and the complete engineering design process from concept to delivery of unique wave energy plants. We specialise in both electrical and design engineering, ensuring that wave energy projects are not only viable but also environmentally responsible and operationally efficient within coastal zones.

BMT’s experience in wave energy commenced in 1976 with development of models to predict energy from wave energy devices.  Over the past decade BMT have provided technical due diligence to government related to the majority of the wave energy projects executed in Australia.  Of recent times, BMT has worked with the Blue Economy CRC and the University of Western Australia on a prototype version of the M4 (short for ‘Moored MultiModal Multibody’) Wave Energy Converter that will be deployed in King George Sound, Albany.

An image of a marine current turbine in the sea with graphic below the water line to show the workings

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Blue Economy CRC

The Blue Economy CRC was established to undertake industry focussed research and training to support the growth of the Blue Economy with a focus on two new, emerging, and transitioning ocean industries for Australia: offshore aquaculture and renewable energy production.

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Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG)

Australian Ocean Energy Group is an industry-led cluster, formed to develop markets for ocean energy and facilitate collaboration throughout the wave and tidal energy industry.

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