The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) installs BMT REMBRANDT Navigation Simulator

The US National Transportation Safety Board's Office of Marine Safety has installed our fully certified BMT REMBRANDT simulator system.


The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) Office of Marine Safety (OMS) is an independent federal agency, charged with investigating major marine accidents on or under the navigable waters, internal waters, or the territorial waters of the U.S. and accidents involving U.S.-flagged vessels worldwide.

The NTSB established a requirement for a advanced navigation visual and simulation system able to provide digital evidence generation in automatic scene reconstruction and lessons learned using advanced forensic analysis.


We provided the NTSB with a facility to allow accident investigators to switch seamlessly from its scene reconstruction mode into full manoeuvring simulator mode.

This enabled full control at any time within the reconstruction replay to explore a range of alternative "what if" scenarios — a key enabler for targeted training, forensic analysis and reflective learning. 

“There is a growing momentum and awareness in statutory bodies worldwide, as well as other maritime stakeholders, of the value of digital evidence generation in automatic scene reconstruction and forensic analysis,”

said Phil Thompson, Director of simulation and training products at BMT.

“One of the many capabilities of BMT REMBRANDT includes its ability to automatically read VDR and AIS to deliver a high-fidelity, 3-D reconstruction.”


As a follow on, a number of other statutory marine agencies have also adopted BMT REMBRANDT, including the Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB) and the Dutch Safety Board.

It is also used by the number of other maritime stakeholders involved in disputes following incidents.

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