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We are a global ship design business with over 300 vessels in service across the world.

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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada

+1 613 592 2830 ship-design@bmtglobal.com


Bill Forslund

Business Development Manager

Bill Forslund

Business Development Manager

Arlington, United States

+1 703 920 7070 ship-design@bmtglobal.com

Our unmatched experience encompasses all hull form types, propulsion systems and configurations, and structural materials.  We further reduce risk through detailed design tailored to a yard’s capabilities and high-quality results that lessen the need for rework.

The key to our success is our reliability and our unrivalled track record of delivering challenging designs that consistently meet performance and specifications.

Underpinning this ability is our innate understanding of issues related to production and our close cooperation with shipyards.

In addition to our proven vessel designs, we share our insight into performance requirements, design and build implications to help price accurately and assure the quality of all our work.

Our portfolio

Superyacht design

Lateral Naval Architects is a specialist operating unit of BMT, established to meet the unique demands of the superyacht industry. Lateral provides complete engineering expertise to the superyacht industry, from project conception to delivery, operation and refit.

Influencing the future direction of ship design

Ship design is at the very heart of what we do, and our global teams continue to drive innovation across the industry.

The journey to net zero

As the importance of climate change and its impacts are understood, the consequences will be felt by us all. We are already seeing the market demanding emissions reduction as the global shipping industry adapts to meet future regulations. Over the next 30 years, we expect innovation to accelerate and for enablers such as autonomous technologies to be increasingly adopted, allowing the global shipping industry to reduce its environmental impact, also becoming more efficient.

Autonomous ships

To complement our ship design offer and the move towards autonomous vessels, we support the development of maritime autonomous systems collision avoidance regulations. Our ship simulator REMBRANDT is at the cutting edge of autonomous navigation. We're also partnering with Zulu Associates to look at autonomy in short sea shipping.

World class ship design

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