Water efficiency optimisation and auditing

Helping our customers be wise with the water they use helps them improve environmental sustainability and stewardship while mitigating water security risk - and with careful targeting it also achieves excellent return on investment.

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Adam Jones

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Sydney, Australia

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Water efficiency optimisation and auditing

We offer world-leading expertise in the highest standard of water management, efficiency auditing, strategic water planning and training across all kinds of sites and portfolios - including the Defence, industrial, commercial, government, business and high-rise residential sectors.

Our practical and innovative recommendations achieve on average 20-60% water savings through:

  • Experienced, thorough and collaborative investigation and analysis of water use patterns and water balances.
  • Sophisticated use of remote flow and pressure monitoring data and equipment.
  • Intelligent targeting of improvement options - typically targeting return on investment.
  • Innovative alternate supply opportunity assessment, concept design and implementation assistance.
  • Ongoing support services to help achieve, maintain and continually improve water performance and resilience.