Point sources of water pollution

Measuring the impact on the natural environment of plumes and outfalls is both essential and complex.

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Point sources of water pollution

We use our numerical models and field instrumentation to predict the mixing and broader interaction of pollutants discharged from a point source within their receiving environment. From mining by-products, to aquaculture to desalination and wastewater treatment plants, our technical expertise and powerful software tools can help you model and mitigate environmental and regulatory risks from point sources of water pollution.

BMT has been managing the effects of point source pollution for more than 20 years.  The huge range of experience we’ve gathered since then translates into an unsurpassed level of corporate knowledge about the local issues affecting ocean discharge in both temperate and tropical waters as well as different discharge types, including:

  • treated wastewater
  • produced formation water (PFW)
  • post desalination process ‘brine’
  • salt production waste ‘bitterns’
  • industrial cooling water

This experience, combined with a team of engineers and scientists qualified to the highest level and supported by continuous investment in training, has made us a leading provider of environmental services to water and wastewater clients in government and industry.