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We have a long history of helping customers protect environmental water quality and manage the urban water cycle.

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Alexandria, United States

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Water management

Our reputation with regulators and ability to draw on different disciplines within a project means that we can address complex challenges to deliver cost-effective and clearly communicated water outcomes.

With skills and expertise across both water quality and quantity studies, some of our key capabilities are outlined below.

Surface water quantity and quality

Surface water quality is affected by complex natural and manmade influences across climate, catchment inflows, and processes occurring within estuaries and from offshore influences.

Ground water management

Natural groundwater resources are subject to increasing demand for agriculture, domestic and industrial use.

Integrated water cycle management

We bring together our expertise in flood management, water sensitive urban design, stormwater quality control, wastewater management, community needs and preservation of the natural environment to deliver an integrated solution.

Systems framework for water and environment

Developing successful public policy for allocating scarce human, environmental and economic resources requires an understanding of the myriad trade-off decisions involved within the complex society that uses them.

Stormwater harvesting

Often seen as a problem, stormwater can in fact be a vital asset to reduce potable water demand and to maximise increasingly scarce water resources.

Water efficiency optimisation and auditing

Helping our customers be wise with the water they use helps them improve environmental sustainability and stewardship while mitigating water security risk - and with careful targeting it also achieves excellent return on investment.

Point sources of water pollution

Measuring the impact on the natural environment of plumes and outfalls is both essential and complex.

Artificial lake management

From monitoring water quality to managing stormwater, we help developers and governments to successfully design and maintain artificial lakes.