The importance of detail in definition

Only when you consider the totality of a complex system like a naval platform can you be sure you have identified and defined all potential sources of technical risk, cost increase or time delay.

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Bath, United Kingdom

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Our holistic requirements engineering approach sees us explore, analyse, negotiate and define user and system requirements to give you a comprehensive specification of your needs. This broad perspective allows for complex linkages to be maintained between user and system requirements. As advisors, we are helped by our independence from external shareholders of manufacturing interests, enabling us to give an objective perspective. 

We create a structured and auditable evidence base on which to make clear, concise and timely decisions with confidence that requirements can be met within performance, budget and/or time constraints. Integrated management and modelling tools help avoid wasted time and a through-life approach helps identify potential risk early.


We develop and refine candidate system architectures at all levels in order to validate requirements and test assumptions, presenting requirements in a clear architecture which shows interrelationships.

We develop robust and comprehensive functional and non-functional specifications based on these candidate architectures, providing evidence to support engineering decisions and undertake technology management and planning in order to support the realisation of the requirements.