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Celebrating engineering excellence on board HMS Prince of Wales

We are thrilled to be part of the industry trade show celebrating UK engineering excellence on board HMS Prince of Wales.

27 February 2020

Celebrating engineering excellence on board HMS Prince of Wales

BMT was part of the alliance that played a vital role in the design and construction of two Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers – HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

On Monday 2 March, while HMS Prince of Wales is docked in Liverpool, we will join UK Naval Engineering, Science & Technology (UKNEST) members, the Royal Navy and more than 2,000 visitors to celebrate the successful completion of the second aircraft carrier.

Simon Gould, Managing Director, BMT Defence and Security UK said:

“I’m extremely proud of everyone from BMT and the rest of the alliance, who will become part of history by working on the Queen Elizabeth Class programme. By celebrating engineering excellence, my aim is that this event will not only show the world class expertise our industry has to offer, but also it will inspire the next generation of engineers.”

Captain John Bonnar, Royal Navy Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Engineering Support, said, “The construction of HMS Prince of Wales and her sister ship HMS Queen Elizabeth was one of the most impressive engineering endeavours the Royal Navy has ever seen. Thousands of engineers from across the country were involved in building them, and HMS Prince of Wales’ visit to Liverpool was a great opportunity to recognise their efforts. We were thrilled to invite so many young engineers of the future on board the ship to meet with the UK’s best and brightest who helped build these carriers.”

Over the weekend of 29 February, it will be the first time an aircraft carrier is open to the public. This is followed by a ‘Celebration of UK Engineering Excellence’, which has been organised by UKNEST and the Royal Navy, entry is by invitation only. The Celebration of UK Engineering Excellence will recognise the huge national endeavour that went into building these ships. The event will feature examples of naval capabilities and presentations hosted by young professional engineers on the build and operation of the carriers, industrial skills and future concepts.

You can read more about our design, acquisition and support expertise here

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