A winning concept Arctic patrol vessel

A winning concept Arctic patrol vessel

BMT is proud to announce the winning team in the 'Best Final Design Project' in the Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Program at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

29 April 2020

The Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering (ONAE) program at Memorial University in Newfoundland (Canada) is one of the top-rated naval architectural engineering programs of its kind in North America. In the final semester of the program, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills by presenting the ship designs they have developed over their last year to classmates, professors and industry professionals.

Since 2001, the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) and BMT have supported the Design Project Challenge. In late March, this year's competition went ahead entirely digitally to maintain necessary social distancing. Despite the unique method of delivering submissions, the concepts, designs, and reports came across as professional and innovative as in previous years.

As a longtime sponsor and participating industry panel judge, BMT is delighted to provide an award, and hearty congratulations to the winning team announced on April 10th. Many innovative concepts were presented again this year, but there can only be one winning team. The team listed below submitted the winning design for a concept vessel to solve real-world problems.

Bravo Zulu to the winning team:

  • Ian Connors
  • Cameron Dunn
  • Brad Greenslade
  • Kyra Pike

The team developed a comprehensive submission for an innovative Arctic Patrol Vessel (APV). The concept of APV's mission is to patrol ice infested waters and conduct surveillance operations to ensure homeland sovereignty and security within the American Artic Exclusive Zone. Designed specifically for the United States Coast Guard, the concept vessel is capable of 22 knots and has a range of 9,100 nautical miles with a complement of 52.

Congratulations to the winning team as well as the entire graduating class. We're proud to work so closely with the next generation of naval architects and can't wait to see what you come up with next: fair winds and following seas.

Design renderings created by the winning team at Memorial University may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission.


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