Environmental and climate solutions

As the world faces more complex environmental challenges and public scrutiny on the impact of climate change, our team of environmental scientists are here to help guide and advise regulators and stakeholders across the continuum of offshore marine, coastal zones, rivers and waterways.

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Philip Haines

Managing Director, Water & Environment/Senior Principal Engineer

Brisbane, Australia

+61 (0) 7 3831 6744 environment@bmtglobal.com

We are trusted partners, supporting our customers throughout the entire project life-cycle to ensure compliance, protect the environment and guide project teams to ensure stakeholders are engaged and environmental commitments are met. We’ll help you understand and mitigate the impacts of the environment and climate on your assets and operations, and we can help you withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from climate-related disruptions as we transition into a decarbonised future.

In this area, not only do our innovative solutions help you adapt and become more resilient, but we also help you with the quality of evidence and advice you need to make defensible decisions that satisfy debate, secure a social licence, assess the impact of decarbonisation on your business finance and ensure your project sustains momentum. Our teams are here to accompany you and guide on the transitional journey to a more resilient decarbonised future in our core markets of defence, infrastructure and maritime.

Our decades of deep sector knowledge and our award-winning proprietary software tools, are informed not just by the insights into the management of data, but by an intimate knowledge of the underlying science involved as well as a practical in-field experience of the issues, from flooding to decarbonisation of defence agencies and government assets and from remediation of hazardous waste challenges to advising on the sustainability of aquaculture. 

We bring clarity to the complexity of climate and environmental risk; our priority is to help you to understand, adapt and protect the environment you operate in.

Field data collection

We can provide ecological and biological surveys across:

  • Freshwater environments
  • Catchment and riparian areas (including terrestrial areas)
  • Estuaries and nearshore environments
  • Open coastal and offshore marine environments (including associated with offshore installations)