Using immersive environments to engage users

We use modern techniques, technologies and approaches to test and evaluate concepts, providing training and new services for asset management.

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Key contact

Rick Cox

Regional Vice President Business Development

Alexandria, United States

+1 703 920 7070 defence-security@bmtglobal.com


  • Modelling and Simulation particularly CFD and FEA of structures.
  • Testing of Datasets and Algorithms, and visualisations to explore concepts.

Trials and evaluation

  • Evaluation of design concepts in immersive environments.
  • Human Factors Engineering design considerations tested and refined in virtual environments.
  • Creation of Concept Applications to explore new Human Machine Interfaces.


  • Fully immersive (VR) training in physically life-like environments.
  • Training aids for in-field refresher training including use of AR.
  • Digital training aids to replace or augment classroom based training.
  • Training analysis, design and assurance including Digital Content creation.

Asset management

  • Highly accurate capture of as-built environments.
  • Conversion of point clouds and images to virtual environment.
  • Recall of imagery and documents from within Digital Twin environment in real time.