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Claims & casualty investigation

Marine casualties can occur for several reasons. We can identify the root cause of marine and non-marine incidents and make recommendations to avoid future losses.

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Our experience

  • Advice on spills and clean-up
  • Advice on tank cleaning and inspection
  • Advice on tank coating and corrosion issues
  • Advice on transport and storage requirements
  • Bunker quality disputes
  • Calculations and certification
  • Chemistry
  • Expert witness
  • Investigation into quality, quantity and condition disputes
  • Investigations into cause and extent of cargo claim/loss
  • Loss prevention, loss assessment and investigation into the cause
  • Preparing and executing tenders for salvage sale
  • Quantity assessment (shortage claims)
  • Recovery/removal of lost cargo (salvage)
  • Research projects to turn around damage trends
  • Review of the logistic process, including harvest, mining, and production
  • Supervising operations (ship to shore/ship to ship)
  • Supervision and advice on sampling, testing and analyses

Tankers, liquid and gas

More than for other cargoes, the investigation of crude oil, fuel oil, gas and chemicals claims require an analytical approach: not only by using laboratories for sampling and analysing but also figuratively by checking the vast amount of records made by the crew during pre-loading and transportation. The toxic atmosphere in cargo tanks and the cargo's hazardous nature does not always allow an immediate visual inspection of tanks.

Special attention is required for tank cleaning, the effects of the tank coating and the individual properties of more than 2,000 different types of chemicals transported by sea.

Burning oil tanker


Our is the industry's bible on all cargo, with more than 1000 listed commodities.

As the authors of the this book, our specialist commodity experts have vast experience investigating any sort of claim or product loss, also when it comes to perishable goods. With most of our offices being located in the busy North-West European ports, we handle about 4,000 cases in this area per year involving these types of products. We advise on the many different factors that can determine the appropriate temperature as well as other conditions for shipment.

It is the world's largest database on transportation of cargoes in the marine industry, visited by thousands of users every month and containing more than 1000 listed commodities! From Abaca to Zucchini - no product transported by sea holds any secrets for us!

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BMT REMBRANDT - Incident investigation

Shipping accidents can be extremely complex and a resolution depends on a full understanding of circumstances.

Our REMBRANDT simulation software can provide an accurate reconstruction of an incident and also create ‘what if’ scenarios. Accident simulations act as independent expert witnesses from which BMT produces high-quality reports that can be used in evidence.  These simulations can help to avoid costly adverse judgements and extended cases and appeals.

REMBRANDT can be used to avoid:

  • Shortages of highly-skilled, well-trained pilots
  • Costly design mistakes
  • Unclear safe operating windows
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Simulated vessel collision