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Best of BMT - Transforming Modern Policing

Supporting London’s Metropolitan Police Service

5 December 2019

Best of BMT - Transforming Modern Policing

Although London’s Metropolitan Police Service is one of the oldest and most highly respected police forces in the world, it nevertheless goes to great lengths to deliver a thoroughly modern and efficient service and we’re proud to have been an integral part of that effort for several years. Since we began supporting the Metropolitan Police Service with essential management consultancy services in 2016, we’ve become the Met’s trusted advisor for their transformation portfolio - a £1bn capital investment that delivers £450m-£650m in operational savings each year to ensure that the Met continues to be the world’s leading police force and that London is the safest global city.

An important example of these efforts is “One Met Model 2020” – a major initiative to equip officers with the skills, tools and approach to police London effectively in the digital age. It’s a substantial, long-term change designed to introduce better, more efficient ways of working to deliver a better service to the public, however the Met faced a challenge in that they lacked sufficiently qualified and experienced managers to run the necessary programmes and projects.

In order to help them meet that challenge, we provided Programme Managers, Project Managers and Senior Project Managers operating at senior levels of the organisation to deliver projects. Our consultants also worked closely with existing MPS programme managers to coach and train them, improving their capabilities and ensuring consistent standards across the service.

By developing and delivering business cases, introducing project artefacts to improve management, leading the delivery of effective dependency management and providing much-needed leadership to complex projects and programmes, our work has been instrumental in helping the MPS to successfully deliver this major transformation.

Over the years we’ve since gone on to provide an extensive range of other key services to support the Met, from strategic programme & project management including methodologies such as agile, iterative and continuous progress reviews, to operational and contractual work such as leading the delivery of effective dependency management. We’ve even delivered key programmes involving Met Command and Control, Borough Command Unit Dispatch and their Digital Learning Experience.

Our work is helping to reinvigorate the Met by taking policy direction and turning it into reality through controlled portfolios of change. By embedding our employees and delivering world-class management consultancy services, we’ve been able to continually support the transformation of this venerable police service and help keep London safe for years to come.


This article is part of #BestOfBMT 2019, featuring our best projects throughout the year.


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