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Training consultancy

Integrating cutting edge organisational and behavioural insights to enhance performance, our innovative training consultancy supports the development of pro-active, professional, and highly skilled personnel within a regulated environment.

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Alan Hodgson

Business Development Manager

London, United Kingdom

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We help you achieve safe, skilled, and competent personnel, using compliant training outputs through the provision of sound analysis and well-executed deliverables.  We believe the provision of these performance enhancements and support measures significantly increases the efficacy of any business or digital transformation.

We employ contemporary and industry-leading educational approaches that instil a flexible and effective capability and deliver remote training and learning programmes that encourage a flexible and effective workforce.  We collaborate with you to unlock potential through in-depth research and analyses that incorporate cutting edge organisational and behavioural recommendations, optimising learning and enhancing performance.

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Facts and figures


Time saved using e-learning as opposed to traditional learning.


Employees deliver 30 hours in productivity for every one spent on learning

Complex project skills development

We develop training strategies informed by our training analyses to build, deliver, and audit programmes to support your teams on complex projects.

These range from multi-user, multi-site flexibility and highly realistic environments, which can be amended over time as real-world environments change to a safe but effective way to equip people for potentially dangerous events.

Technical courses include:

  • Techniques in Reliability Engineering
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for Managers
  • An Introduction to Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  • Developing a Safety Case
  • Management Overview of IEC 61508
  • Software Development under IEC 61508
  • Project and Programme Management under IEC 61508

Our approach

We develop training strategies informed by our training analyses to build, deliver and audit programmes to support our customers’ teams on complex projects.


    For defence environments, we predominantly use the Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT) to analyse, design, deliver and assure your training needs and adopt a holistic cultural and transformational approach using digital solutions where appropriate.

    • Training Analysis
      Helps us to establish the requirement within the context of your overall training system, which includes the provision of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to assess the gap between the knowledge, skills and attitudes your people currently have and what they need to meet your objectives.
    • Training Design 
      Takes the need and determines what the training activity should look like, who should deliver it and what tools, methods and resources are required to support this. Our learning development abilities and our intimate knowledge of the surface ships environment see us create formal training statements and complete course training packages.
    • Training Delivery 
      Delivers the identified programme to grow professional values and attributes, knowledge and understanding and professional skills: whatever the focus of the training is.
    • Training Assurance
      Ensures that
      the programme is delivered correctly and meets your requirements, whether in-house or public training. We inspect and audit the activity and give you a precise evaluation.

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